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News article/Discussion thread: The Thing sucked into ROCKtropia's Orbit

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Hunt The Thing Essentials[edit]

Considerations before getting there[edit]

  • You can finish all HTT missions spending just a few or even no PED at all when using the items you receive as rewards in the missions
  • You can finish all HTT missions with little to no skills
  • Traveling from RT to HTT or the other way round is free
  • Tax on all Land Area's is 5%
  • there is an "oil rig" that spits out 1-2 barrels, it's pvp and also respawning explosive barrels that you can blow up and also die from
  • Mining is available on HTT

Getting there[edit]

  • You can only access Hunt The Thing from ROCKtropia and from HTT you can only go back to ROCKtropia
  • To get here, you will need access to a teleporter on the planet of ROCKtropia (not HELL). Upon operating a teleporter you will see a map.
  • On the drop down menu on the map, click Hunt the THING.
  • On the list on the window, click Camp Campbell and then teleport by clicking the large icon on the bottom of the map.
The Hyperplex Movie Theater in New Harlem on ROCKtropia is the official entrance to Hunt The Thing

Getting around[edit]

  • Teleporters are shaped as helicopters but are tricky to use because you need get so close to their center.
  • Expert 5 tp has a revival but never added to my map even using the tp. Expert 9 did add to my map though.
    It will be added if you access the TP from another side ... I had the same happening and drove back there again

Hunt The Thing experience[edit]

  • Earthquakes also occur while driving.
  • The way can be very slippery.
  • Logan Peak is a camp in a PVP area.


  • There are a few issues with the quest logic triggering.
  • Currently, avatars do not freeze in place when a quest notification is triggered. Because of this, we've noticed a common practice especially among experience player is to be running and reading the quest dialogue as you move forward in the environment. This might cause you to leave an interaction area before the quest can determine if its appropriate checks have been met to move forward in the quest logic.
    I recommend you try the following to see if your logic experience improves.
    When any text notification or quest dialogue box opens up for you, STOP in place immediately, read the dialogue and make your appropriate choices. Then once all notifications and quest dialogues have finished you can move on.
    This applies especially when driving. Though the gps waypoints can be just driven through without stopping. There is not issue. The issue mainly arises from the dialogue box and not making your choice prior to moving on.
  • Abandoning quests will allow you to return to the place in the environment that triggered the quest to restart it. I don't advise this practice on ROCKtropia quests as abandoning quests like cell phone missions and other complicated quests can make it difficult for you to restart and even some quests at the very high level will not allow you to restart as the quest is set to give you a one shot opportunity to complete. That being said, we designed the arctic to combat these problems so you can abandon any quests at any point without hindering your progression through the remaining quests. If you do abandon it however it will not just automatically restart. You must return to the NPC or place in the environment where the quest was 1st triggered.
    As an example lets say you were doing the quest at the second base to restore power to the generator. That quest gets activated when you walk through the front gates of the base. If at any point you abandoned this quest, you need to return to the gates at the front of the base in order to trigger the quest and start again.
  • Mission at the end is reset if killed, apparently, but it doesn't tell you that. It is also set in a PvP zone where PKers use high end RockTropia gear to slaughter people with the lowend "The Thing" gear, but only RT stuff is useable in this place so, bear that in mid.
  • Mission reward clothing is (L), replaces armor and has only 10PEC tt (decay is 2PEC to put on).
  • Flamethrower is recieved from a crate - when used in combat (on "Things" at least) the mob remains on fire.

Detailed missions table further below.


  • The Wolf mob has very different health levels, even if they have the same L.

Hunt The THING Walkthrough[edit]

Hunt The THING Walkthrough Part 1 Hunt The THING Walkthrough Part 2


Videos by Crue Knight, Thread: Hunt the THING walkthrough video

Hunt The Thing Locations[edit]

Hunt The Thing Map[edit]

Thing Map.png

1 = Outer Coast
2 = Uncharted Mountains
3 = Boron Badlands
4 = Halvorson Plains
5 = Carpenter Valley
6 = Corina Ridge
7 = Solaris Valley
8 = Viuperback Mountain
9 = Logan Peak
10 = Discovery Ridge
11 = Arctic Wasteland
12 = Mocatek Valley

a = LZ:Expert - 7
b = LZ:Expert - 2
c = LZ:Expert - 6
d = LZ:Expert - 3
e = LZ:Expert - 5
f = LZ:Expert - 8
g = LZ:Expert - 9
h = LZ:Expert - 1
i = LZ:Expert - 4
j = Extractions (2)
k = Extractions (3)
l = Extractions (1)
m = Camp Campbell

Hunt The Thing Teleporters[edit]

Camp Campbell(34335, 17242, 102)Hunt The THINGDiscovery Ridge12.0.4In Game¦class=fa fa-pencil
Camp Finale(39097, 20308, 326)Hunt The THINGIn Game¦class=fa fa-pencil
Extractions (Arctic Wasteland)(36461, 17625, 104)Hunt The THINGArctic Wasteland12.0.4In Game¦class=fa fa-pencil
Extractions (Logan Peak East)(38334, 19138, 558)Hunt The THINGLogan Peak12.0.4In Game¦class=fa fa-pencil
Extractions (Logan Peak North)(39161, 20343, 329)Hunt The THINGLogan Peak12.0.4In Game¦class=fa fa-pencil
LZ: Expert - 1(38700, 21900, 283)Hunt The THINGCorina Ridge12.0.4In Game¦class=fa fa-pencil
LZ: Expert - 2(37850, 23622, 471)Hunt The THINGUncharted Mountains12.0.4In Game¦class=fa fa-pencil
LZ: Expert - 3(35526, 23054, 107)Hunt The THINGOuter Coast12.0.4In Game¦class=fa fa-pencil
LZ: Expert - 4(35244, 20496, 410)Hunt The THING12.0.4In Game¦class=fa fa-pencil
LZ: Expert - 5(36591, 22317, 349)Hunt The THINGCarpenter Valley12.0.4In Game¦class=fa fa-pencil
LZ: Expert - 6(39141, 23528, 238)Hunt The THINGBoron Badlands12.0.4In Game¦class=fa fa-pencil
LZ: Expert - 7(36595, 23848, 170)Hunt The THINGUncharted Mountains12.0.4In Game¦class=fa fa-pencil
LZ: Expert - 8(37576, 22296, 400)Hunt The THINGCarpenter Valley12.0.4In Game¦class=fa fa-pencil
LZ: Expert - 9(35522, 21907, 327)Hunt The THINGHalvorson Plains12.0.4In Game¦class=fa fa-pencil

Total: 14

Hunt The Thing Missions[edit]

Forum thread: A complete list of Hunt The Thing missions

Here's a full list of the missions on Hunt The Thing

"Flamethrower Boost Mission"???

Warning sign.png Spoiler Alert: This section might contain information about in-game plots. Warning sign.png

"New" automatically generated table:

"Old" manually maintained table:

Mission Start Objective End Reward
Welcome To Camp Campbell Entering Hunt The THING Find the Registration Officer Registration Officer (34346, 17248) Arctic Tactical Radio
Camp Campbell Locations Registration Officer (34346, 17248) Find Research Facility (scientist)/Find Armoury (Solider) Research Facility (34377, 17388) / Armoury (34416, 17285) N/A
Meeting Dr.Marconi Research Facility (34377, 17388) Find Dr.Marconi Dr.Marconi (Inside the Research Facility) (34391, 17387) Medkit (L)
The Wager Grunt (Inside the armoury) (34410, 17271) Kill 30 wolves Grunt (34410, 17271) Arctic Boots (L), Arctic Snow Pants (L), Arctic Combat Parka (L) (Male or Female, depending on avatar)
Weapons Training Col. Whitely (Firing range inside the armoury) (34449, 17277) Fire 3 shots in the firing range Firing Range Medkit (L)
Your Weapon Of Choice Col. Whitely (Firing range inside the armoury) (34449, 17277) Take a weapon Col. Whitely (34449, 17277) Pistol (SA)(L) + 5000 Ammo (Low Grade) (Scientist) /Shotgun (SA)(L) + 5000 Ammo (High Grade) (Solider)(
Weapons Cage Weapons Cage (34439, 17274) Get ammo Weapons Cage (34439, 17274) 1000 Ammo (Low Grade) (Scientist) / 1000 Ammo (High Grade) (Soldier)
Gearing Up For Adventure! 1/3 Outside the Armoury Find The Mechanic The Mechanic (34446, 17348) N/A
Gearing Up For Adventure! 2/3 The Mechanic (34446, 17348) Restore Power To Satellite Satellite Communications Terminal (34635, 17140) N/A
Gearing Up For Adventure! 3/3 Satellite Communications Terminal (34635, 17140) Kill 3 wolves near the Satellite Communications Terminal The Mechanic (34446, 17348) Arctic Truck 4x4 + Oil (10)
The Adventure Begins... 1/5 The Mechanic (34446, 17348) Drive To Base Gates Base Gates (34616, 17407) N/A
The Adventure Begins... 2/5 Base Gates (34616, 17407) Reach Checkpoint #1 Checkpoint #1 (34877, 17368) N/A
The Adventure Begins... 3/5 Checkpoint #1 (34877, 17368) Reach Checkpoint #2 Checkpoint #2 (35107, 17480) N/A
The Adventure Begins... 4/5 Checkpoint #2 (35107, 17480) Reach Checkpoint #3 Checkpoint #3 (35683, 17466) N/A
The Adventure Begins... 5/5 Checkpoint #3 (35683, 17466) Reach Scientific Research Institute Scientific Station #1 (36493, 17598) N/A
Searching Vehicles... 1 Arctic Mountain 4x4 (36532, 17454) Search the 4x4 Arctic Mountain 4x4 (36532, 17454) 3000 Ammo (Low Grade) (Scientist)/3000 Ammo (High Grade) (Soldier)
Lights Out 1/8 Scientific Station #1 (36493, 17598) Restore Power To Facility Main Generator (36557, 17441) N/A
Lights Out 2/8 Main Generator (36557, 17441) Get Level 1 Access Keycard Arctic Mountain 4x4 (36743, 17276) N/A
Lights Out 3/8 Arctic Mountain 4x4 (36743, 17276) Go back to Main Generator Main Generator (36557, 17441) N/A
Lights Out 4/8 Main Generator (36557, 17441) Redistribute Power - Reduce Facility Beta 2% (Option 2) Main Generator (36557, 17441) N/A
Lights Out 5/8 Main Generator (36557, 17441) Redistribute Power - Increase Perimeter Defenses 7% (Option 3) Main Generator (36557, 17441) N/A
Lights Out 6/8 Main Generator (36557, 17441) Redistribute Power - Increase Perimeter Defenses 12% (Option 3) Main Generator (36557, 17441) N/A
Lights Out 7/8 Main Generator (36557, 17441) Redistribute Power - Increase Cooling Facility 40% (Option 4) Main Generator (36557, 17441) N/A
Lights Out 8/8 Main Generator (36557, 17441) Redistribute Power - Split Increase Facility Alpha/Beta 13/20% (Option 2) Main Generator (36557, 17441) N/A
Searching Vehicles... 2 Arctic Mountain 4x4 (36743, 17276) Search the 4x4 Arctic Mountain 4x4 (36743, 17276) Level 1 Access Card
Reconfiguring Satellites 1/2 Main Generator (36557, 17441) Reconfigure Facility Satellites Satellite Communications Terminal (36500, 17454) N/A
Reconfiguring Satellites 2/2 Satellite Communications Terminal (36500, 17454) Reconfigure Facility Satellites Satellite Communications Terminal (36805, 17224) N/A
DNA Verification 1/2 Satellite Communications Terminal (36805, 17224) Kill 10 wolves Location of 10th kill N/A
DNA Verification 2/2 Checkpoint #1 (36267, 17835) Proceed to the facilities main gates Facilities main gates (36489, 17613) N/A
Driving Towards The Mountains 1/2 Facilities main gates (36489, 17613) Reach Checkpoint #1 Checkpoint #1 (36267, 17835) N/A
Driving Towards The Mountains 2/2 Checkpoint #1 (36267, 17835) Reach Checkpoint #2 Checkpoint #2 (Destroyed camp) (36446, 18332) N/A
The Story Unfolds Dr.Verdeyen (shows up as ?) (In destroyed camp) (36433, 18368) Listen to the story Dr.Verdeyen (36433, 18368) N/A
Army Weapons Crate Weapons Crate (36431, 18371) Search the Weapons Crate Weapons Crate (36431, 18371) Flamethrower (FA)(L)
Up The Mountain... 1/4 Destroyed Camp (36433, 18368) Reach Checkpoint #1 Checkpoint #1 (36489, 18701) N/A
Up The Mountain... 2/4 Checkpoint #1 (36489, 18701) Reach Checkpoint #2 Checkpoint #2 (36844, 19041) N/A
Up The Mountain... 3/4 Checkpoint #2 (36844, 19041) Reach Checkpoint #3 Checkpoint #3 (37800, 19019) N/A
Up The Mountain... 4/4 Checkpoint #3 (37800, 19019) Reach Checkpoint #4 Checkpoint #4 (Logan Peak camp) (38254, 19321) N/A
Pick Up Supplies Logan Peak camp (38254, 19321) Find the supply shed Supply Shed (38342, 19282) N/A
Hunt The Thing (mission) 1/2 Supply Shed (38342, 19282) (drop down the hole in the floor) Kill a Thing Location of Kill N/A
Hunt The Thing (mission) 2/2 Location of Kill ESCAPE! Outside the cave (39474, 20161) N/A
The End Outside the cave (39474, 20161) N/A Outside (Just walk around a bit) Arctic Combat Helicopter (L)

Hunt The Thing Achievements[edit]

Forum Thread: A complete list of Hunt The Thing Achievements

Hunt The Thing Creatures[edit]

The highest reported level of Thing is L133!

Hunt The Thing Items[edit]

Hunt The Thing Weapons[edit]

The THING Infection (FA)(L)[edit]

(click to enlarge)
The THING Infection (FA)(L).png

Flamethrower (FA)(L)[edit]

Flamethrower (FA)(L) Stats.jpg

Assault Rifle (FA)(L)[edit]

Assault Rifle (FA)(L) Stats.jpg

Shotgun (SA)(L)[edit]

Shotgun (SA)(L) Stats.jpg

Pistol (SA)(L)[edit]

Pistol (SA)(L) Stats.jpg

Hunt The Thing Healing Tool[edit]

Medkit (L) Stats.jpg
Medkit (L) Stats.jpg

Hunt The Thing Vehicles[edit]

Stats of the Arctic Truck 4x4 and the Artic Combat Helicopter (L)
Arctic Truck 4x4 Stats - Arctic Combat Helicopter (L) Stats.jpg

Hunt The Thing Clothes[edit]

Hunt The Thing Clothes.jpg

Hunt The Thing Media[edit]



Official Trailer


Ingame Video


News article on EntropiaPlanets[edit]

ROCKtropia scores a deal for 2011 prequel of The Thing

Today it was announced that ROCKtropia signed a deal with Universal Studios with a small cold planet for the movie The Thing, which will launch in cinemas worldwide right before Halloween - October 14th 2011. The planet will only be accesable from tps on ROCKtropia.

The original 1982 movie "The Thing", directed by John Carpenter and staring Kurt Russell, received several nominations like Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, Best Horror Film and Best Special Effects - and it was voted to contain one of the scariest movie moments of all times (the scene where Kurt Russel is testing everybody's blood to determine which members of his crew have been infected by the Thing).

Now, almost 30 years later, it will be exciting to see if they are able to recreate the atmosphere of fear and horror. One thing is certain, the expectations are high and the 2011 version promises to be equally spooky...


The official website for the movie: Read more about the movie here:

ROCKtropia RockTropia was the first planet after Calypso to make it into the Entropia Universe on April 6th 2010. Most known for being a ROCK planet - and especially for involving Mötorhead into the virtual Universe. The planet is habitated by Wolves, Zombies, Dragons and Vampires mixed in a world whith parallels to Hollywood and musics.

Later on ROCKtropia expanded with even more content like clubs and DJ's and today the planet also contains a prison from where NEVERDIE in his virtual life and history had to break out - and lately the planet also opened up the gate to hell, where you might or might not meet the Devil himself...

Getting there: As a current participant, the only way to enter this planet is by teleporting there from ROCKtropia.

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