Mission:Weapons Training

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Hunt The Thing - Mission: Weapons Training

This is a mission in the Hunt The Thing storyline.

Mission Trigger[edit]

  • Talk to Col. Whitely (Firing range inside the armory) (34449, 17277)


  • Fire 3 shots in the firing range


  • Medkit (L)


  • Talk to Col. Whitely in the Firing Range.
  • Fire 3 shots with your weapon into the firing range behind him.
  • Talk to Col. Whitely when finished to get your Medkit.

BUG NOTE: The mission may not complete even after your fire 3 rounds into the range. If this happens you are able to skip this mission by talking to Col. Whitely. You can get your Medkit by doing the Meeting Dr.Marconi mission after skipping this mission.

Missions List[edit]

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