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Entropia Facebook App[edit]

The SocialType platform will host a Facebook app custom-made for Entropia Universe that will make it easy for players to promote Entropia to their friends and other Facebook contacts.

The app will keep track of each player's promotional activity, and allow them to accumulate points that can be redeemed for items within Entropia Universe. Players will have complete control over the type and amount of promotional material they wish to share with their contacts.

The App will be fully available on 10 April 2012 (-> Emissary program on Facebook to Launch April 10, 2012).

According to this thread the app was partially working already: MindArk's marketing campaigns begin - Entropia Facebook app online.

The URL of the App is: https://apps.facebook.com/entropiauniverse/

Entropia Emissary Program[edit]

Merits and Rewards[edit]

Novice Attache[edit]

Entropia Emmissay Program Novice Attache.png
Required Emissary Points: 0


Entropia Emissay Program Counselor.png
Required Emissary Points: 15,000

Qualified Envoy[edit]

Entropia Emissary Program Qualified Envoy.png
Required Emissary Points: 50,000

Provider Consul[edit]

Entropia Emissary Program Provider Consul.png
Required Emissary Points: 100,000

Qualified Envoy[edit]

Entropia Emissary Program Guardian Emissary.png
Required Emissary Points: 250,000


Screenshot Challenge (Social Category)[edit]

Screenshot Challenge (Action Category)[edit]


Initiate's Quiz[edit]

Spoiler Alert !

1. What element must be found in a planet's atmosphere to make it hospitable to Carbon-based life (ie. Humans)?

F - All of the Above - since each of these six elements, plus the presence of liquid water, are necessary for carbon-based life to develop.

2. Which of the following is not an irrefutable sign of Life?

D - Locomotion - The ability to move does not qualify as life. A robot, for example, moves but is not alive.

3. Robots, Androids and Cyborgs each exhibit varying degrees of consciousness, similar to Humans; however, unlike Humans they are primarily:

D - All of the Above - You cannot appeal to a Silicon-based life-form based on emotions or empathy, and physical confrontation is not recommended. A being that feels no pain nor regard for its own preservation is perhaps the greatest danger the cosmos has to offer.

4. What was the first confirmed "Habitable Planet" discovered, after Earth, in the Year 2011?

D - Kepler 22-b - The planet Kepler 22-b was discovered by Earth scientists via telescope in 2011. It lies about 600 light-years from Earth and is about 2.4 times the size of Earth. Colonization was never attempted due to the discovery of the more suitable Planet Calypso. Average temperature of about 22C.

5. The Universe, as we currently understand it, is:

F - We're not entirely sure, and that's what we're here to find out - We hope you are as excited as we are about learning more about how the Universe works!

Mob vs Mob[edit]

Spoiler Alert !

Round 1

AMBULIMAX (Prowler) Health: 1700 Max. Damage: 170 <br\> beats<br\> ATROX (Dominant) Health: 1600 Max. Damage: 110

Round 2

KAMALDON (Stalker) Health: 6200 Max. Damage: 71<br\> beats<br\> BELADOTH (Young) Health: 1530 Max. Damage: 70

Round 3

GREAT WHITE SHARK (Young) Health: 5000 Max. Damage: 146<br\> beats<br\> OSSEOCOLLUM (Young) Health: 3450 Max. Damage: 140

Round 4

ITMUATROX (Dominant) Health: 1140 Max. Damage: 101<br\> beats<br\> WEREWOLF (Warrior) Health: 870 Max. Damage: 129

Round 5

YUKA (Provider) Health: 4500 Max. Damage: 216<br\> beats<br\> MORRISON DRAGON (Guradian) Health: 3690 Max. Damage: 152

Planet Calypso History[edit]

Spoiler Alert !

1. Long ago, Earth launched seven interstellar robotic vessels to explore the galaxy. These probes established a network of outposts and supply depots, built more ships, and launched them deeper into the galaxy. Eventually, they discovered the planet, Calypso. What were the ships called?

C - Odysseus Probes

2. What is the name of the starship that brought the first human settlers to Calypso?

B - Exodus

3. Which technology enabled explorers to leave The Rim and explore the galaxy?

E - All of the Above

4. What was the name of the Corporation that originally won the contract to colonize Calypso?

B - OmegaTech

5. After the Robot Revolt, what is the Federal Empire's primary strategy to combat the ongoing robot menace during the re-colonization of Calypso?

D - Colonists are expected to fight a strategic war with the robots on their own, using salvaged robot technology to strike back.

Space Exploration Poll[edit]

Spoiler Alert !

Space Exploration Poll Pretend the year is 2012 and you live on Earth. Do you believe humans will colonize space by the year 2050?

YES<br\><br\> NO WAY

All-Arkadia Mob vs. Mob[edit]

Spoiler Alert!

Round 1

KAMALDON (Dominant) Health: 4550 Max. Damage: >203 <br\> beats<br\> KORWIL (Prowler) Health: 2590 Max. Damage: 169

Round 2

SCORIA (Young) Health: 3500 Max. Damage: 56<br\> beats<br\> NUSUL (Stalker) Health: 660 Max. Damage: 30

Round 3

OSTELOK (Old Alpha) Health: 120 Max. Damage: 30<br\> beats<br\> FERAN (Provider) Health: 70 Max. Damage: 24

Round 4

MADANA (Mature) Health: 570 Max. Damage: 39<br\> beats<br\> JORI (Old) Health: 40 Max. Damage: 15

Round 5

ORATAN SLASHER (Enforcer) Health: 1000 Max. Damage: 109<br\> beats<br\> TIARAK (Dominant) Health: 440 Max. Damage: 65

Mars or Bust?[edit]

Spoiler Alert !

Mars or Bust? What do you think will be the greatest challenges to those who pioneer Mars?
A private Dutch firm has plans to colonize Mars by 2023. If you qualified, would you sign on become a Martian colonist?

YES<br\><br\> NO


Beta Badge[edit]
Entropia Emissary Program BETA Badge.png You have been here from the start <br\>to help found the first Embassy!
Young Entropiaphile Badge[edit]
Entropia Emissary Program Young Entropiaphile Badge.png Congratulations, you have earned<br\>your Young Entropiaphile Badge<br\>by loving 5 items
Young Pioneer Badge[edit]
Entropia Emissary Program Young Pioneer Badge.png Congratulations, you have earned<br\>the Young Pioneer Badge<br\>by completing 5 SURVEYS !
Green Recruiter Badge[edit]
Entropia Emissary Program Green Recruiter Badge.png Congratulations, you have earned<br\>your Green Recruiter Badge<br\>by inviting 5 friends
Qualified Recruiter Badge[edit]
Entropia Emissary Program Qualified Recruiter Badge.png You've invited 50 or more allies.<br\>You have achieved the rank of<br\>by Qualified Recruiter.
Cultural Liaison Novice Badge[edit]
Entropia Emissary Program Cultural Liaison Novice Badge.png Congratulations you've earned your<br\>Cultural Liaison Novice Badge<br\>by loving 20 items
Initiation Badge[edit]
Entropia Emissary Program Initiation Badge.png Congratulations, you've earned your<br\>Initiation Badge<br\>by completing 1 SURVEY !
Mature Pioneer Badge[edit]
Entropia Emissary Program Mature Pioneer Badge.png Prove your knowledge. Complete 20 SURVEYS
Calypso Planetary Badge[edit]
Entropia Emissary Program Calypso Planetary Badge.png Requirements currently CLASSIFIED
ROCKtropia Planetary Badge[edit]
Entropia Emissary Program ROCKtropia Planetary Badge.png Requirements currently CLASSIFIED
Next Island Planetary Badge[edit]
Entropia Emissary Program Next Island Planetary Badge.png Requirements currently CLASSIFIED
Arkadia Planetary Badge[edit]
Entropia Emissary Program Arkadia Planetary Badge.png Requirements currently CLASSIFIED
Cyrene Planetary Badge[edit]

File:Entropia Emissary Program Cyrene Planetary Badge.png

Questions and Answers[edit]

Sage|Socialtype introduced herself, the Entropia League of Planets and the Entropia Emissary program on 14 March 2012 and started a little Q&A session.

The introduction and Q&A can be found further below as well as accopmanied by discussions in this thread: Entropia Facebook App - Entropia Emissary Progam Q&A with Sage

Q. What is the access code?

A. The access code is only there to prevent access until we launch. Once we launch no access code will be required.

Q. When do you plan on having it up and running?

A. No promises. But less than time than it takes to grow a proper beard.

Q. What program was your avatar created in?

A. That's a secret.

Q. Who are you? Are you one of these guys? http://www.socialtype.com/team/index.html

A. Misao, forgive me if I humbly treasure my anonymity as much as I respect yours. My position is part of my job. I will gladly tell you that Yes, I do work for Socialtype, and No, I am not part of the Executive Team, and since I am Female I am certainly not one of the "guys" : )

Q. How much experience do you have with Entropia Universe? Do you currently play EU?

A. I have been playing Entropia Universe for a little over five months now, ever since EU and Socialtype decided to work together, learning the game so that I could be a part of the team that would help shape the content you are about to see revealed in the Embassy. I am certainly not an expert, especially since I found it necessary to jump around from planet to planet to know the game in the broadest sense possible, so I expect there will be times when a veteran will step up with some advice for me, and I will certainly take that advice to heart, and funnel it through the proper channels at MindArk with those who are experts, whenever necessary. If it is my qualifications in an MMO you are concerned with, I have been working as a game writer / director of MMORPGs other than EU since 2006 and I feel quite at home here. EU is a beautiful world and I am very happy to call it my new home, and quite pleased with my new role here. Together, I hope we will cause the population to skyrocket.

Q. "articles, quizzes, videos, and other unique content" Are these provided to you by MA or do you create this content?

A. Good question. The videos are trailers made by MindArk, and I believe one of them was made by Neverdie. I hope to initiate a player created video trailer contest in the near future specifically for use by Emissaries with a gynormous reward ; ). I have selected many of the articles myself and you will see they are not EU content, they are real world scientific articles we all agreed were relevant to Entropia Universe (ie. Robotics, Space Travel, Super Novas, etc) that players might find interesting, and also be interested in posting. The idea is that if you "Love" an article on space travel, and post it to your friends, some of your friends that you might not even realize also love space travel might read them, and than come to you and say, "Hey, I liked that space article, and while I was reading it I noticed you were playing some space-related game... what is that?" And if that happens you might be introducing them as a player... so why not also get some points for doing that which help you grab some shadow armor, right? Ooops, did I write that out loud? Sounds like a win-win situation to us, but we'll let you decide once you have a chance to try it. I also wrote some of the quizzes, yes, as did other members of our combined Socialtype / MindArk Team. We have been working very closely for the past 5 months, and having a blast I might add.

Q. Ahhh, finally, some clarification as to what the FB thing is all about. Thanks for finally clearing this up as there's been a lot of speculation recently (some of it NOT good).

A. We're all gamers ourselves working on the Embassy and we're going to do our best to make sure this is the kind of program players will want to use, in ways that can actually attract the right kind of new players, with rewards all around. We're giving you what we hope you will view as interesting content, and you get to decide if and how you want to share it, and with whom. Some of you will probably just hang at the Embassy and check new stuff out as it drops. Others will want to share with their friends. Some will think it's lame. Some will just be interested in the cool Rewards. We get it. It's all good. It's a tool you can choose to use or choose not to use. We'll start out with minimum content and keep adding more as we see what works and what doesn't, and we'll gauge your reactions and listen to your suggestions, with the end goal of bringing more and more colonists into Entropia Universe!

Q. When will we find out what rewards are available, and will they be (L) or unlimited?

A. Oleg, I just peeked in at our first batch of Rewards and they are all (L), which is not to say that some of the future Rewards, and they will change frequently, may not be unlimited.

Q. Do you have an ETA for the tool? so that i can prepare for it and spam everything i know untill they create an account

A. Now now Stagger. As you will soon read in our Best Practices on recruiting section in the Embassy, spamming is not an activity becoming an Emissary. If an Emissary attempts this, there are multiple safeguards in place, and expulsion is even possible. Why? Because we want to put the best face forward for Entropia Universe. This aint Farmville. You don't hope to get a player to click "Accept" or "Like" using the Embassy. You use it to begin a dialogue where you discover a friend you maybe did not even know was a gamer to check out the game, and if they like it, you guide them to download, to install, to play, you meet them in game, you mentor them... and it's only going to work with people who like to play games in the first place. We're not into creating spam. We're into giving players the right tools to help them recruit new colonists to grow the game, and rewarding them when appropriate. Every Emissary has a chance to make the game shine or potentially hurt the game's image. It's a bold step, and I'm being completely honest when I tell you I need all Emissaries to be cooperating and utilizing best practices to reveal EU in the best possible light to make this program work! I hope many of you are up to it and will at least give it a try.

Entropia League of Planets[edit]

Entropia Emissary Entropia League of Planets.jpg

Official Announcements[edit]

Release Annoncement[edit]

Greetings, Entropians:

I am delighted to finally announce that the Emissary Program and its Embassy on Facebook will debut a mere 24 hours from now, at 7 AM GMT/UTC on April 10.

At that time, with a valid Facebook account, you will be able to become an Emissary (no code required) and begin to explore and share the content found on the Embassy.

Any time AFTER 7 AM GTM on Tuesday, Simply go to https://apps.facebook.com/entropiauniverse and log into your Facebook account to join and participate.

Here are a few tips from me to you:

Just for joining the Emissary Program, you will receive 1000 Emissary Points which may be accumulated toward valuable items in the game, including PED.

At launch, the Embassy will open voting for the Emissary's Choice Screenshot Contest, with awards of 100 PED Certificates, to be handed out in five categories. Emissaries and their Friends will determine the winners among these talented individuals, so vote early, and invite your friends to participate, as well.

The best way to earn Emissary points is to encourage like-minded Friends to download Entropia Universe through the app, so if you want to get ahead in the Embassy, you'll need to reach out to your Real World Friend base, not just the folks already playing EU.

Also, be on the look out for the limited edition Beta Badge. This badge will only be available to pioneering Emissaries in the early days of the program. Get them whilst you can.

Good luck and carry on!

Cheers, Sage

Sage's Introduction[edit]

Greetings Entropians,

Sage here from the newly formed Entropia League of Planets (ELP), to act as your Emissary Program Liaison. I will attempt to answer your Pre-Launch questions to start, and than begin a dialogue with you post-launch to help make the Emissary Program all that it can be moving forward. I think we would all agree that it is in the combined best interest of all of Entropia Universe to spread the word about the game and attract as many new quality players as possible. To do this we have built our first Embassy on Facebook, because like them or not, there are 800+ million potential colonists residing there, and to my knowledge there has never been that many people doing anything together in Earth history!

Becoming an Emissary is completely voluntary, but will require that you have a valid Facebook account. Once you do, you will gain access to an ongoing depository of articles, quizzes, videos, and other unique content, as well as an Emissary Point system that will allow you to redeem points for certain In-game Items.

Content found throughout the Embassy is for your enjoyment. You may find an article posted there about the future of robotics, or you might challenge yourself with a series of Mob Vs. Mob challenges designed to test your knowledge of Monsters on various planets within EU. Enjoy the content yourself and than you decide if you wish to share that content with your friends on Facebook, either as a post or an individual In-mail. We are basically handing you a recruitment toolkit with the aim of placing EU in the best light possible for potential colonists.

As we go, new content, features, feeds, and rewards will be continuously added, and I will be reviewing your comments here so that the collective voice of The Emissaries can help inform that process.

I look forward to having many of you sign up shortly, and plan on giving you a firm launch date soon as we put the finishing touches on the first Embassy!



Press Release[edit]

Socialtype™ Launches Gaming Player Acquisition and Rewards Platform across Social Networks

Socialtype’s proprietary software solutions provide game companies with the most effective and least expensive player acquisition strategy available by leveraging player-to-player relationships across all major social networks.

GameConnection 2011

Entropia Emissary Socialtype Bamboo Facebook.jpg

SAN FRANCISCO & PARIS – Socialtype™ introduces its SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, called Bamboo™, to the Gaming Industry at GameConnection 2011 in Paris. Bamboo is the company’s flagship Player Acquisition, Loyalty and Rewards Platform which leverages Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. Any game company looking to take advantage of the 800+ million audience that Facebook offers can have its own branded "Ambassadors Club" right out of the box. The platform offers the most entertaining, compelling and inexpensive way for game developers and publishers to distribute content on social networks and recruit new players by leveraging the friends of core players and fostering ongoing Player-to-Player relationships. With Bamboo, game companies can slash user acquisition costs, while increasing the engagement, retention and lifetime network value of their current player base.

Socialtype is helmed by former Acclaim Games’ Game Director and Director of Marketing, Steven-Elliot Altman, who is responsible for repurposing Bamboo, which has already achieved success in the branded marketing space. Bamboo was named “one of the four must-have Facebook platforms” in 2010 by iMedia Connection, and Altman’s primary task has been to transform it from a highly effective branding machine into a powerhouse Player Acquisition tool.

“I wanted to turn Bamboo into the player acquisition resource I always wished I had, and now we’ve done it,” Altman comments. “The average gamer on Facebook has 240 Friends, and Bamboo expands that traditional 1:1 reach to a whopping 1:240. For example, one Bamboo client had 44,000 total users when they started. Sixty days later, after launching Bamboo, their reach was increased by 1,012,000 completely new prospects who obviously share similar interests. It’s about giving your already-loyal players the tools they need to spread the word to their friends who include both hardcore and casual gamers. Newly acquired players are likely to be mentored by their friends who referred them and tend to stay in the game longer. All the advertising in the world can’t beat that. People play what their friends are playing. Period. All of our products are geared toward enabling, fostering, and rewarding that bond.”

As of today, Socialtype already has fourteen properties rolling out their own customized versions of Bamboo on multiple social networks, the first of which will be MindArk’s highly successful MMORPG ENTROPIA UNIVERSE. David Simmonds, MindArk’s CEO said, “Entropia lives on the web. It’s not designed as a Facebook game, so the ability for us to have a living, breathing presence on Facebook, using our Bamboo app, is exciting for us. We think our players can and will market us better than anyone else through the app.”

Bamboo utilizes all the traditional game mechanics that most game companies have already honed, including badges, leader boards, in-game events, forums, add-a-friend programs, screenshot contests, couponing, sweepstakes and combinations. These assets can now be repurposed by Bamboo through social media outlets as wall posts, polls, in-mails, tweets, check-ins and even competitive and cooperative awards. Bamboo engages players in a compelling way by encompassing these familiar activities in a VIP Ambassador experience that promotes loyalty from your most valued players.

Socialtype representatives will be seeking new game clients at GameConnection, on Dec. 6-8 in Paris, France. To book an appointment, please contact us.

About Socialtype

San Francisco, CA-based Socialtype is a leading developer of social media applications for the game industry. Bamboo, Socialtype's flagship Social Rewards Platform for Facebook and Twitter, is the most effective player acquisition tool available on social networks. It allows any game company to have its own branded "Ambassadors Club" right out of the box. The platform offers an entertaining, compelling and inexpensive way for game developers and publishers to distribute content and recruit new users by leveraging the friends of core players. With Bamboo, game companies can slash user acquisition costs, while increasing the engagement, retention and lifetime network value of their current player base. For more information on Socialtype services, please visit http://www.socialtype.com.

Press Contacts for Socialtype:

Click here!

Sales Contact for Socialtype:

Jamison Selby

VP of Sales

t +1 310.488.9958

Contact me!

About MindArk

MindArk is the developer of the virtual 3D environment Entropia Universe. It is the leading platform for micro transaction driven 3D virtual worlds and MMO games. The Swedish company MindArk, develops, operates and markets Entropia Universe and the Entropia Platform. Entropia Universe is a 3D internet virtual environment with a unique, integrated economic system and stunning graphics. The Entropia Platform is a secure entertainment and business platform, enabling companies and organizations all over the world to build content on differently themed planets all connected inside Entropia Universe. For more information on MindArk please go to our website at http://www.mindark.com

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