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Entropia Universe Version Update is scheduled for Tuesday, 17 Mar 2015, 10:00 UTC. Here is our traditional preview of the VU. Once more quite detailed info from Planet Cyrene, some from Planet Arkadia and little to none from the other planets and platform. If you have more please post in the thread.

Entropia Universe / Platform

In the State of the Universe Klas Moreau mentioned a few things for 2015, one of which is supposed to go in this VU:
Mining Mania 2015

Event Description
Entropia Universe is excited to present Mining Mania, a new universe-wide mining event open to all participants on all planets throughout the Universe.

Event Dates
Start: Friday, March 13 2015, 16.00 UTC
End: Monday, March 16 2015, 16.00 UTC

Format & Rewards
The participant who claims a mining loot closest to 150 PED on each of the qualifying resources listed below during the event will receive one of eight Mining Mania Reward Packages containing the following items:

  • Mining Skill Implant (20 PED)
  • Level VIII Finder Amplifier...
State of the Universe Address 2015

Greetings Entropians,

First of all, everyone here at MindArk would like to extend thanks for your participation and support of Entropia Universe throughout the past year. Our plans for 2015, outlined below, have been designed to provide an increasingly exciting and rewarding real-cash economy gaming experience for you. But first I’d like to briefly review some of the improvements to Entropia Universe that were accomplished in 2014.

2014 Highlights
Social Interface Redesign
Early in the year the chat and messaging interfaces were completely redesigned to improve communication and encourage enhanced social interaction between participants. New features included offline messaging, custom chat channels, avatar...
Posted by David Dobson over at Arkadia Forum

Firstly, my apologies for the time it’s taken to respond to concerns posted here on Arkadia Forum regarding the keys for the Aakas Instances. Until an investigation was completed I was unable to comment.

I can confirm, and hence eat some humble pie that my advice was wrong. The value of the keys was not passed through into the loot of the instances as it was supposed to do. It was certainly going to the loot (I knew 100% it wasn’t coming through as earnings), however it wasn’t paying out as it was supposed to. Mindark and Arkadia Studios have worked together to confirm what was happening and agree upon what shall be done about it.

  1. All participants will be fully refunded the TT value of the keys used since the last update...

  • Universal ammo can no longer be discarded in the Trade Terminal.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue preventing the rejoining of instance areas in some situations after a client crash has been corrected.
  • An issue causing ambient occlusion (SSAO) to render a halo around objects has been corrected.
  • An issue preventing The Entropian issues 2-4 from being placeable in estates has been corrected.
Entropia Support News: Longtooth performance test event
During the last Longtooth event two weeks ago we gathered a lot of information that has shown truly helpfull in analyzing bottlenecks and performance issues inside Entropia.

In order to further investigate some of the bottlenecks in the system we have installed additional log and measurement equipment in areas primarily related to network connections and server redundancy. To test these areas of the system we will launch another event similar to the one held on January 13 tomorrow, January 27 2015.

Longtooths will spawn in Port Atlantis and near Camp Icarus at the following locations:

Longtooths with shared loot:

Location - longitud, latitude:

  • Camp Icarus - 63314, 74559
  • Port Atlantis - 61509, 75119
  • Port Atlantis - 61602, 75270
  • Port Atlantis - 61345, 75286
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