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by EP-Newsbot at 5:37 PM
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Developer Notes #8

Limited/Unlimited Item Balance

In order to improve the balance between limited and unlimited gear, MindArk has been refining the rate at which unlimited items gain tier levels. This effort has resulted in a decrease in the number of uses required for tier increases, especially at higher tier levels. Further reduction is planned in several steps during the next few version updates, allowing the MindArk design team to monitor and implement incremental changes while reducing the risk of disrupting delicate item market values.

To further improve balance between limited and unlimited items, the consumption rate of enhancers attached to unlimited items will be reduced by 50% in Version Update 14.7, currently scheduled for May 13.

Account Liquidation Auctions

A special liquidation auction of items from terminated accounts will be listed on Friday, April 25 and Monday, April 28.

The following items will be listed on the Planet Calypso section of the Entropia Universe auction by the avatar MindArk Official Liquidator for a period of 7 days, with a starting bid of 1 PED.

Group A - Friday April 25

71ng1ciuu4nc7dq1278ej8apmey8lmw.jpg lqphqo25o24yx0ez7ntl4kmk10rpzon.jpg lbk4yn9cm7xvhgksaeo87brbehmnd6t.jpg g8go724qsl6xduf7hrigduyrljjqbaw.jpg i6923zy6zlbnu3qaaafjryvvecnqhro.jpg
  • Improved A-3 Justifier Mk.II
  • Shadow Harness (M)
  • Shadow Helmet (M)
  • Shadow Gloves (M)
  • Dagger Of Despair
  • Omegaton A203

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