Entropia VU News: Entropia Universe 17.16.0 Release Notes

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    Planet Calypso

    Nothing so far.
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    Nothing so far.
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    Next Island

    This VU is dedicated to the memory of David Post and has been an attempt to do things a little bit differently, focusing on coming together as players and simply having some fun.


    • An island in the southern parts has been found to be free from Demra influence. This discovery has led to the creation of a place where everyone can be together without any hostilities towards each other, regardless of what faction they belong to.
      They decided to call it Carnival Island.
      At the new Teleporter (when you’ve discovered it), talk to Dario for a starter mission.
    • Special craftable Carnival Tickets are used as currency on the island.
    • The Rollercoaster has found a new home, including fitting vehicles of various colors.
      (Only to be used on NI.) Two quests related to these are available at the track.
    • Carolines has also found a new home on the island. New bartenders have been hired.
    • The easily scared might want to avoid the haunted instance.
      In there you will find various shared loot mobs of different levels, and a few other goodies or baddies depending on where you step. All PvP. For up to 25 players.
      You will be in first person view at all times and a tip on how to pick up vehicles, “recall all vehicles” will return it to your inventory instead of to the storage.
    • A disco tent for when you need to shake it off. (This area uses strobe/flashing lights and may trigger seizures with photosensitive players.)
    • A fortune teller with infinite (not really) wisdom to share.
    • A restaurant with a view. Careful of the step
    • A special holiday quest to be taken at a later stage of this year.
    • A small zoo where you can have important conversations with the Next Island pets.
    • Two shopping tents where you can purchase Blueprints for new clothes and outfits.
    • A “Wet Circle” with a small Male Screecher in the middle.
    • A PvP tent with a small quest.
    • Minor spawns of the different Sharks of Next Island as well as the Papoos.(Shared loot.)
    • More harvestable trees in the area.
    • New music is being broadcasted on the Carnival Island, Carolines, and in the Disco Tent. The instance also has a few new tunes. (The volume is a little bit higher than the normal Next Island music so you all are aware and don’t fall off your chairs.)

    • The Loyalist Racetrack now works correctly all the times. Visible start and finish.
    • The Magical Forest now costs 1 flower, has a timer and allows up to 12 players.
    • The Moloch Depths now shows the timers correctly and have storages close by.
    • The Gallery now has a revive terminal.
    • The Gallery Walls can now be placed on the ground.
    • Refined Lepidocrosite Crystals can now be refined back to Lepidocrosite.
    • Serpentine Village has gotten some cosmetic changes.
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    Planet Arkadia

    Nothing so far.
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    Planet Cyrene

    New Additions:
    • Island Biomes added:
      • Monstrous Jellys removed from toxic pack zone to new island biome
      • Placed highest maturity mobs inside island biomes
    • Volcano Lootable PVP:
      • Complete rebuild in a new location
      • New teleporter NPC added to gain access to the new area
    • Land Area Carnap's Landing:
      • New Exclusive Flesh Ripper maturity
      • Hazards Mechs also placed outside of the Land Area
    • Zyn’Tukano Sacred Circles:
      • Healing crystals near sweat circles
      • New Tree Dragon maturity placed in surrounding area, others around the planet
    • Furniture blueprints
    • New blueprint vendor for A.R.C. armor inside the HUB:
      • Commander
      • Patrol
      • Inaugurates
    • New Teleporters:
      • Dire Weed Valley
      • Artificial Archipelago Teleporter
      • Raceway Ruins
    • New Missions:
      • UpTrade your Stolen Imperium Armor
      • H.E.A.R.T Rank VII
      • Lazidol Piece Trader Ara'Chun
      • Doctor Byler Missions
      • Challenger Esther Missions
      • Tanhok Decorator Bur’kys
    • Swamp Lurkers biome
    • Four New Renegade Hazard Mech ROOT hidden throughout Planet Cyrene
    • Swamp lurkers moved to correct environment
    • Adjusted LA spawns so they flow better
    • Renegade Hazard Mechs also placed outside of Carnap’s Landing
    • Alpha Paneleons given their own spawn
    • Removed iron mission npcs
    • Various Item weight adjustments
    • Reworked log bridges so players no longer get stuck or fall off
    • Size adjustments to various objects so players no longer get stuck
    • Harvesting tools adjusted
    • Increased various mob spawns
    • Mission text adjustments so they are more clear
    • Adjusted teleporters so they should all match in naming convention and appearance
    • Adjusted various mob sounds
    • Various terrain adjustments
    • Various creature spawn adjustments
    • Duster NPC’s should no longer randomly die
    • Merfolken Beach Head mission should now only count merfolken inside the area
    • Players will need to abandon this daily mission to require it
    • Paneleon Pristine Element should now stack properly
    • Tanhok Amber, Blood Fragment, Jade Fragment should now appear in the appropriate auction house category
    • Zyn Cook Stove Blueprint and others from Lumberjack T’zn should now properly stack
    • Various texts and spelling errors corrected
    • Pet Crafting: Tamer Horns Blueprint should no longer have unnecessary window pop ups.
    • Players won’t see this change until after they pick up the mission again.
    • Zelodoth Nu should now properly spawn instead of Zeladoth Xi
    • Your Just Rewards - CoH Finale to include Male Proving Grounds Coat
    • Arrets should no longer drop Tree Dragon Hide or Leather
    Known Issues:
    • Support weapons are not currently working properly, this is a platform issue
    • All Cyrene vehicles (P.I.G.V., Spear, Lancer, Dragonfly) have default sounds, this will be addressed in a future patch
    • A supplementary mission for Rank 5 of Brown Beetles to give proper mission rewards is not working correctly and will be fixed in a future VU
    • Some Quality Ratings information in the blueprint book: A.R.C. is incorrect

    Please give RNGesus some time to ensure all items reach their intended recipients and MindArk time to make sure that all missions are activated.
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    Planet Toulan

    Nothing so far.
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    It had been many years since The Great Battle when evil was bound to the Celestial Prison. The Order of the Elder Gods that was formed on that day continued to defend the citizens of Monria and preserve The Order from the threats of the Cultists and those they worship. Their numbers had diminished but still The Order continued in stealth, protecting the weak and containing the evil on that wretched moon.

    Meister Sith was the first to realize what truly happened on that fateful day. He had often journeyed through the dreamlands hoping to one day meet the Elder God he had been searching for ever since. It was here that the link was revealed to him. Long before the Outer World Research project had begun, The Order knew of the existence of the Mountain of Madness. It seems on the day of The Great Battle, the gatekeeper had one last trick and transported his minions through the dreamlands to another dimension.

    Through his talents, Sith watched over time as the foul creatures from Monria evolved in their new environment gaining in strength and ingenuity. He watched helplessly as the village perished.

    The fate of Larches Green observed through his journeys across the other dimensions reminded Sith of the fate that would befall his home if The Order did not stand together against the followers of Cthulhu.

    It was for this reason that he raised the banner, gathered what was left of The Order of the Elder Gods and journeyed through the dreamlands taking the fight to the Mountain of Madness. It may have been too late for the villagers of Larches Green but Sith was willing to lay down his life for those that followed.

    With this release we will be revealing the rest of the DSEC-9 map. There is a teleportation device at the Northeastern corner of Elara.


    NoBion has once again collaborated with the VS team and his new music can be heard throughout the new area! Thanks again.


    The village ‘Larches Green’ has been discovered. Although mostly devoid of villagers, it was once a thriving location as can be evidenced by the village houses, The Dubliner Pub, Church and various other structures.


    To the south is a giant mountain filled with the descendants of the evil spawns on Monria. Although vehicles and TP chips seem to not function inside the mountain area , there are ancient teleporters that are still in operation awaiting discovery.


    4 new Mob Classes with a variety of maturities have been discovered that are distant relations to the creatures on Monria but have their own specific stats.
    • Shogghols
    • Zokaranerus
    • Tegunestene
    • Cult of Shut’thend


    A new quest chain targeted toward starter players has been created – find ‘a stranger in the woods’ for more information.


    The Clear the Path stage of the ‘Welcome to the Dark Side’ chain is a daily repeatable with 2 PED worth of Universal Ammo as a reward.

    • 4 repeatable hunting quests can be unlocked once ‘Welcome to the Dark Side’ is completed.
    • Each Quest rewards with a 10 click Limited Texture Blueprint
    • Enter the Church
    • Go to the Elder Shrine in the Church Northeast of the Dubliner once the ‘Welcome to the Dark Side’ quest is completed to find out more.

    The ‘Join the Elder Gods’ and ‘Prove Yourself to The Order’ quests are targeted towards players playing in groups and the items needed can only be retrieved by contributing to the relevant Dynamic Events.


    Return a Zomorod Crystal by successfully defending the Shrine (see dynamic events below).
    • Speak to ShadowDragonV who can be found by The Dubliner Pub in Larches Green where she is trying to find Malgar!
    • The reward is ‘The Order of the Elder Gods Suit’ – a garment with a 20% speed buff when equipped.


    Once you have Joined the Order of The Elder Gods you must prove your worth by helping the Order by entering the ‘Mountain of Madness’ and retrieving objects for members of The Order.
    • Return to ShadowDragonV after Joining the Order of the Elder Gods for Instructions
    • You will need to enter the ‘Mountain of Madness’ and complete objectives for ‘Count Cristo’ – ‘Meister Sith’ – and ‘The Black Knight’
    • The Reward is a ‘Shub Spine’ – an item when equipped increases carried weight capacity


    By completing the above Quests, Repeatable Quests are unlocked on each NPC with a creature capsule as a reward for returning the required item from the Dynamic Events.
    • Shogghols Ngubbis Creature Control Capsule (Count Cristo)
    • Zokaraneus Gipi Creature Control Capsule (Meister Sith)
    • Tegunestene Vydrith Creature Control Capsule (The Black Knight)
    • Cult of Shut’thend Tajho Creature Control Capsule (ShadowDragonV)

    Four Dynamic Events have been created to support group play, each is triggered when 5 players enter the ‘area.’ The dynamic events can be triggered at random intervals when there are enough people in the area. The random intervals are multiple times a day.

    • Situated North West of ‘The Dubliner’ Pub in Larches Green Village
    • The Event is triggered by at least 5 people entering the area at random times during the day (3-5 hour cool down period)
    • The Shrine is under attack by the Cult of Shut’thend
    • Successfully defend the shrine as a group and contribute to Tier 3 to receive a Zomorod Crystal
    • Contribution points are earned by actively participating in the event
    • If the team is unsuccessful they can re-claim the shrine in a phase 2 of the event but success does not result in a Zomorod Crystal, to complete this, the team must successfully defend the Shrine.
    • An Elder Blessing is bestowed on each member of the Team on success of either the Defend or Reclaim phase. The Elder Blessing is a skill increase buff lasting one hour with the strength determined by the Contribution Tier Reached.
    • Situated by the ‘Mountain of Madness’ Teleporter
    • The Event is triggered by at least 5 people entering the area at random times during the day (2-3 hour cool down period)
    • The Group must successfully complete all waves (including the boss) and contribute to Tier 3 to receive Shogghols Mucas which is needed for the ‘Prove Yourself to The Order Quest’
    • Situated by ‘Niolir’s Burrow’ Teleporter
    • The Event is triggered by at least 5 people entering the area at random times during the day (2-3 hour cool down period)
    • The Group must successfully complete all waves (including the boss) and contribute to Tier 3 to receive Zokaraneus Pincer which is needed for the ‘Prove Yourself to The Order Quest’
    • Situated by ‘Ghreldelb Lair’ Teleporter
    • The Event is triggered by at least 5 people entering the area at random times during the day (2-3 hour cool down period)
    • The Group must successfully complete all waves (including the boss) and contribute to Tier 3 to receive Tegunestene Spine which is needed for the ‘Prove Yourself to The Order Quest’
    All the Dynamic events are designed to be completed in groups, the more players the better!!


    Although most of the focus has been on getting the rest of the DSEC-9 map released we did manage to add some content for Toulan.


    Additional stages have been added to the Citizen Quests


    Further Blueprints have been added to the Quest ‘The carpenters Daily Deal’

    • Tartan Kilt can now be traded
    • Fixed some typo’s in Mission Dialogue
    • Added more discoveries to the description of items

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    Fascinating how the player run planets are the only one's getting the love... this doesn't seem to be a coincidence...
  10. Really interesting VU News, thanks @ Tass for informative write-up.
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    Sweden pretty much seems to shut down during Summer. I work with a client close to Goteborg, and the team there only was back halfway into August. I actually *was* in Goteborg as well, but it was mostly a bunch of Germans doing the work that evening. And with a bit of luck, I'll soon be there on a semi-regular basis.
  12. Wistrel

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    yeh but Ark and Cyrene are not in Gothemborg. Wasn't so much implying the summer shutdown more that it's interesting (and encouraging) that the fans, if you will, are the ones pushing development.
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