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Missing Version Updates (as of 09 Sept 2011):

  • Entropia Universe earlier than 3.9
  • Some Planet Calypso VUs
  • Some ROCKtropia VUs
  • Some Next Island VUs

Adding Version Updates[edit]

All Entropia Universe (Platform) Planet Calypso ROCKtropia Next Island Planet Arkadia Planet Cyrene Version Updates To Do

VersionRelease DateShort DescriptionUpdated EntityAffiliated Updates
ROCKtropia 1.0.06 April 2010Initial ReleaseROCKtropia11.0.0
ROCKtropia 1.013 May 2010upgrades and additionsROCKtropia11.0.6
ROCKtropia 1.0212 May 2010updates and additionsROCKtropia11.0.8
ROCKtropia Update 9-16-201016 September 2010please enter short descriptionROCKtropia11.2.7
ROCKtropia Update 10-5-20105 October 2010ROCKtropia Update 10-5-2010ROCKtropia11.3.3
ROCKtropia Update 10-12-201012 October 2010ROCKtropia Update 10-12-2010ROCKtropia11.3.6
ROCKtropia Update 12-8-20108 December 2010ROCKtropia Update 12-8-2010ROCKtropia11.5.1
ROCKtropia Update 2-22-201122 February 2011ROCKtropia Update 2-22-2011ROCKtropia11.7.1
ROCKtropia 2.020 April 2011ROCKtropia 2.0ROCKtropia11.9.4
ROCKtropia Update 5-5-20115 May 2011ROCKtropia 5-5-2011ROCKtropia11.9.6
ROCKtropia Update 6-8-118 June 2011ROCKtropia Update 6-8-11ROCKtropia11.10.4
ROCKtropia 6-14-1114 June 2011ROCKtropia 6-14-11ROCKtropia11.10.5
ROCKtropia 9-15-201115 September 2011please enter short descriptionROCKtropia12.0.4
Hunt The THING
ROCKtropia Content Release 13 March 201213 March 2012please enter short descriptionROCKtropia12.5.2
Note: Complete 'old' table copied to discussion page.


  • 28-09-2010?
  • 18-09-2010?
  • 01-07-2010?