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Oratan Camp Wave Spawns

When the IFN first arrived on Arkadia, Oratan seemed to come from out of the earth itself. Eventually their uprising was quelled, evidence of their habits was scarce, and their camps on Sentosa remained empty.

Now for the first time, Oratan seem to be much more present at their camps, and there is speculation that this has something to do with the Oratan Lancer. With a Kamaldon as its steed, it is highly dangerous and difficult to slay. It should be approached with extreme caution.

To help keep these new uprisings at bay, the IFN is requesting colonist assistance. If you are combat-ready, or capable of flying Arkadia's warriors to the campsites, you are asked to gather at Celeste Quarry to offer transport to the various Oratan camps.

For a visual guide to the camp locations, we highly recommend the Oceanic Mapping Software, officially supported by Arkadia Studios. Otherwise, the currently known camps are at the following locations:

11425, 11485 - level 3 (Mix) <br\> 17860, 14400 - level 3 (Oratan) <br\> 17665, 14800 - level 3 (Slasher) <br\> 18215, 14970 - level 3 (Slasher) <br\> 18410, 14580 - level 3 (Slasher) <br\> 19020, 19125 - level 2 (Oratan) <br\> 20825, 19825 - level 2 (Mix) <br\> 17980, 23260 - level 2 (Slasher) <br\> 26830, 22420 - level 1 (Mix) -> Lancer Thug <br\> 28340, 22870 - level 1 (Oratan) <br\>

Prepare yourself and join the fray! Volunteer your air transport from Celeste Quarry to help get as many warriors to the camps as possible.