Sons of Remus Lone Wolf

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Sons Of Remus Lone Wolf iPhone[edit]

Classic side-scrolling arcade style game for iOS 4.0+ to promote Planet Cyrene created with Gamesalad engine.


  • Sneak preview of some Planet Cyrene (MMO) Storyline
  • Convert points into hit points
  • Unique Shield aspect gameplay
  • 3 Different Power Ups
  • 20 levels
  • 4 Unique bosses


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Console Game[edit]

The Sons of Remus IP (Intellectual Property) is based on the Cyrene lore but takes place several years before the current Planet Cyrene time-line. You play as an Imperium soldier who has enlisted in the Sons of Remus Special Forces and will be going through the life or death trials to become a Sentinel.

-> The Sons of Remus - Coming to a CONSOLE near you!

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