Planet Calypso Version Updates

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Missing Version Updates (as of 09 Sept 2011):

  • Entropia Universe earlier than 3.9
  • Some Planet Calypso VUs
  • Some ROCKtropia VUs
  • Some Next Island VUs

Adding Version Updates[edit]

All Entropia Universe (Platform) Planet Calypso ROCKtropia Next Island Planet Arkadia Planet Cyrene Version Updates To Do

VersionRelease DateShort DescriptionUpdated EntityAffiliated Updates
2010-0119 February 2010Preview missions, fixed issuesPlanet Calypso10.8.0
2010-0221 April 2010New missions, fixed issuesPlanet Calypso11.0.3
2010.2.123 April 2010Proteron has been rebalancedPlanet Calypso
2010.2.226 April 2010Bug fixesPlanet Calypso11.0.4
2010.2.33 May 2010fixed issuesPlanet Calypso11.0.6
2010.2.424 May 2010fixed issuesPlanet Calypso11.0.9
2010.330 June 2010Calypso GatewayPlanet Calypso11.2.2
2010.3.17 July 2010Calypso GatewayPlanet Calypso11.2.3
2010.431 August 2010New MissionsPlanet Calypso11.2.5.56416
2010.4.12 September 2010Fixed issuesPlanet Calypso11.2.6
2010.55 October 2010New Port AtlantisPlanet Calypso11.3.3
2010.5.17 October 2010Fixed issuesPlanet Calypso11.3.5
2010.6.09 November 2010New FeaturesPlanet Calypso11.4.2
2010.6.111 November 2010New FeaturesPlanet Calypso11.4.3
2010.78 December 2010New Medusa's Head IslandsPlanet Calypso11.5.1
2010.7.116 December 2010Bug fixesPlanet Calypso11.5.3
2011.116 February 2011New FeaturesPlanet Calypso11.7.0
Planet Calypso Content Release 2011.220 April 2011Hangars reintroduced, new missionsPlanet Calypso11.9.4
Planet Calypso Content Release 2011.2.13 May 2011Fixed IssuesPlanet Calypso11.9.5
Planet Calypso Content Release 2011.318 October 20113 Areas to connect Eudoria and Amethera, new creatures, new missionsPlanet Calypso12.1.3
Planet Calypso Release 2011-10-2425 October 2011Bug FixesPlanet Calypso12.1.4
Planet Calypso Content Release 2012.213 March 2012please enter short descriptionPlanet Calypso12.5.2
Planet Calypso Content Release 2012.428 August 2012Revamped new colonist experience, Calypso GatewayPlanet Calypso12.7.2

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