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Hell is a destination on ROCKtropia.

Hell Basic Guide[edit]

Getting there, what it is all about, etc...

Hell Maps & locations[edit]

Interactive map of Hell: http://mashupforge.com/map/rt_hell/

Hell Teleporters[edit]

Club Hell(39410, 19730, 110)HellIn GameYesYesYesYesYes
Club Hell Landing(39410, 19680, 117)HellIn Game
Firewall Ridge(39160, 21240, 184)HellIn GameNoNoNoYesNoNoNoNo
Total: 3

Hell Creatures[edit]

Single Page: Hell Creatures

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Questions, suggestions, bug reports?

Astaroth's LegionaireHell
Beelzebub's LegionaireHell
Belial's LegionaireHell
Belphegor's LegionaireHell
Berith's LegionaireHell
Code DemonHell
Cyber DemonHell
Demon HackerHell
Demon VirusHell
Horny Little DevilHell
Leviathan's LegionaireHell
Lucifer's LegionaireHell
Satan's LegionaireHell

Hell Creatures And Mining Chart[edit]

Source: http://www.neverdie.com/guides-tutorials/8081-hell-mining-hunting.html

Firewall Ridge

  • Creatures: L22 Firewall Guardian, L24 Firewall Banisher, L29 Firewall Proptector, L30 Firewall Lord

Last update of of mined resources: 2018-Jun-16

Mine #1 - Graybird Mine

  • Creatures: L27 Demon Hacker
  • Ore: Alternative, Caldorite, Lysterium, Narcanisum
  • Enmatter: Ferrum, Hurricane, Magerian, Oil, Sweetstuff

Mine #2 - Koko Mine

  • Ore: Belkar, Gazzurdite, Megan, Zinc
  • Enmatter: Alicenies, Devil's Tail, Mai Tai, Melchi, Typonolic, Nirvana

Mine #3 - Natas Mine

  • Ore: Blausariam, Copper, Folk, Gazzurdite
  • Enmatter: Acid, Azur, Growth, Sweetstuff

Mine #4 - Scott's Valley (west)

  • Creatures: L59 Beezelbub's Legionaire, L60 Astaroth's Legionaire, L63 Thammuz's Legionaire, L66 Baal's Legionaire, L104 Asmodai's Legionaire
  • Ore: Caldorite, Narcansium, Glam, Ignisium, Iron
  • Enmatter: Binary, Garcen, Oil, Sweetstuff, Nexus

Mine #5 - Scott's Valley (east)

  • Creatures: L40 Horny Little Devil
  • Ore: Durulium, Grunge, Megan, Zinc
  • Enmatter: Garcen, Lytairian, Melchi, Mojito, Sweetstuff, Whiskey Sour

Mine #6 - Eliza Mine

  • Ore: Adomasite, Copper, Gazzurdite
  • Enmatter: Alicenies, Black Russian, Melchi, Nirvana, Oil, Pina Colada

Mine #7 - nVIR Mine

  • Ore: Gold, Ignisium, Iron, Lysterium
  • Enmatter: Growth, Magerian, Melchi, Oil, Harvey Wallbanger

Mine #8 - RavMonE Mine

  • Ore: Caldorite, Durulium, Lysterium, Punk, Terrudite
  • Enmatter: Binary, Devil's Tail, Long Island Ice Tea, Lytarian, Nexus, Sweetstuff

Mine #9 - MacMag Mine

  • Creatures: L49 Belphegor's Legionaire, L52 Lucifer's Legionaire, L56 Berith's Legionaire, L59 Beelzebub's Legionaire
  • Ore: Adomasite, Lysterium, Megan, Reggea
  • Enmatter: Alicenies, Melchi, Sweetstuff

Mine #10 - Elk Cloner Mine

  • Creatures: L118 Demon Virus
  • Ore: Belkar, Gazzurdite, Techno
  • Enmatter: Nexus, Sweetstuff

Mine #11 - Creeper Mine

  • Ore: Alternative, Blausarium, Ignisium, Terrudite
  • Enmatter: Binary, Long Island Ice Tea, Nexus, Oil, Typonolic

Mine #12 - Seven Dust Mine

  • Ore: Durulium, Erionite, Narcanisum
  • Enmatter: Ares, Azur, Melchi, Oil, Whiskey Sour

Mine #13 - ZMist Mine

  • Ore: Adomasite, Folk, Iolite, Zinc
  • Enmatter: Devil's Tail, Ferrum, Hurricane, Kamikaze, Typonolic

Mine #14 - Acid Mines

  • L32 and L34 Belial's Legionaire, L38 and L40 Leviathan's Legionaire, L49 Belphegor's Legionaire
  • Ore: Copper, Glam, Gold, Lysterium
  • Enmatter: Alicenies, Hurricane, Magerian, Melchi

Mine #15 - Abraxas Mine

  • Creatures: L70 Cyber Demon
  • Ore: Belkar, Grunge, Iron, Reggea
  • Enmatter: Acid, Ares, Azur, Oil

Mine #16 - Commwarrior Mine

  • Ore: Blausariam, Copper, Erionite, Hard, Techno
  • Enmatter: Binary, Magerian, Hurricane, Sweetstuff

Mine #17 - AntiCMOS Mine

  • Ore: Belkar, Blausariam, Iolite, Jazz, Narcansium, Punk
  • Enmatter: Acid, Ferrum, Nexus, Pina Colada, Typonolic

Mine #18 - SCA Mine

  • Ore: Belkar, Lysterium, Zinc
  • Enmatter: Binary, Black Russian, Ferrum, Hurricane, Mojito, Oil, Solis, Typonolic

Mine #19 - Agena Mine

  • Creatures: L27 Demon Hacker
  • Ore: Belkar, Copper, Glam, Zinc
  • Enmatter: Harvery Wallbanger, Lytairian, Nexus, Oil, Typonolic

Mine #20 - Byte Bandit Mine

  • Creatures: L46 Code Demon
  • Ore: Blausarium, Iron, Lysterium, Techno
  • Enmatter: Alicenies, Garcen, Melchi, Oil, Whiskey Sour


  • On 08 Febuary 2012 Lee Zhorgul Salmon hit an ATH Zinc claim worth 206735 PED in Hell Mine #19 which at the time was the 2nd largest mining claim in whole Entropia Universe ever. [1][2]




Links and references[edit]

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  2. Gamer discovers $20,000 USD value of Zinc while mining in HELL inside ROCKTROPIA Virtual World, forum thread, 02 Febuary 2012

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