Weapon Amplifiers

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Block Rocker BLP Amp Mk I (L)ROCKtropiaLooted113
Block Rocker BLP Amp Mk I (L)/Info CardROCKtropiaLooted113
Block Rocker BLP Amp Mk II (L)ROCKtropiaLooted227
Bull Tac10 (L)Planet CalypsoCrafted11
Bull Tac20 (L)Planet CalypsoCrafted23
Bull Tac30 (L)Planet CalypsoCrafted49
Bull Tac40 (L)Planet CalypsoCrafted413
Bull Tac50 (L)Planet CalypsoCrafted517
Bull Tac60 (L)Planet CalypsoCrafted717
Bull Tac70 (L)Planet CalypsoCrafted726
Bull Tac80 (L)Planet CalypsoCrafted831
Bust-A-BLP Amp Mk I (L)ROCKtropiaCrafted
Bust-A-BLP Amp Mk II (L)ROCKtropiaCrafted
Fi/Ra/Co AngstPlanet CalypsoCrafted114
Fi/Ra/Co BeastPlanet CalypsoCrafted217
Fi/Ra/Co CausePlanet CalypsoCrafted224
Fi/Ra/Co Cause AdjustedPlanet CalypsoCrafted324
Fi/Ra/Co Cause ImprovedPlanet CalypsoCrafted424
Fi/Ra/Co DantePlanet CalypsoCrafted328
Fi/Ra/Co EvilPlanet CalypsoCrafted333
Fi/Ra/Co Evil AdjustedPlanet CalypsoCrafted435
Fi/Ra/Co Evil ImprovedPlanet CalypsoCrafted536
Fi/Ra/Co Evil ModifiedPlanet CalypsoCrafted637
Hotfoot 10 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted28
Hotfoot 15 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted413
Hotfoot 20 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted519
Hotfoot 25 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted623
Hotfoot 30 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted729
Hotfoot 35 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted834
Hotfoot 40 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted938
Hotfoot 45 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted1143
Hotfoot 5 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted13
Hotfoot 50 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted1246
Low Rider BLP Amp Mk I (L)ROCKtropiaCrafted614
Low Rider BLP Amp Mk II (L)ROCKtropiaCrafted935
Melee Trauma Amplifier IPlanet CalypsoMission
Melee Trauma Amplifier IVPlanet CalypsoMission20
Melee Trauma Amplifier VIPlanet CalypsoMission28
No Amp000000000
Omegaton A101Planet CalypsoLooted3
Omegaton A102Planet Calypso7
Omegaton A103Planet CalypsoLooted210
Omegaton A104Planet CalypsoLooted212
Omegaton A105Planet CalypsoLooted313
Omegaton A105 AdjustedPlanet CalypsoCrafted314
Omegaton A105 ImprovedPlanet CalypsoCrafted315
Omegaton A106Planet CalypsoLooted315
Omegaton A201Planet CalypsoLooted52
Omegaton A202Planet CalypsoLooted55
Omegaton A203Planet CalypsoLooted510
Omegaton A204Planet CalypsoLooted515
Omegaton A204 AdjustedPlanet CalypsoCrafted516
Omegaton A204 HyperchargedPlanet CalypsoCrafted725
Omegaton A204 OverchargedPlanet CalypsoCrafted620
Omegaton A204 SGA EditionPlanet CalypsoLooted616
Omegaton B101 (L)Planet CalypsoLooted1
Rage 10 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted27
Rage 15 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted412
Rage 20 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted517
Rage 25 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted621
Rage 30 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted724
Rage 35 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted826
Rage 40 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted929
Rage 45 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted1035
Rage 5 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted13
Rage 50 (L)Planet ArkadiaCrafted1138
Roadie BLP Amp Mk I (L)ROCKtropiaCrafted2
Roadie BLP Amp Mk II (L)ROCKtropiaCrafted5
Shack-A-Lacka Laser Amp Mk I (L)Crafted325
Shack-A-Lacka Laser Amp Mk II (L)Crafted19
Shear XR40 (L)Planet CalypsoCrafted2
Shear XR50 (L)Planet CalypsoCrafted5
Shear XR60 (L)Planet CalypsoCrafted211
Shear XR70 (L)Planet CalypsoCrafted215
Shear XR80 (L)Planet CalypsoCrafted220
Shear XR90 (L)Planet CalypsoCrafted321