Planet Arkadia Version Updates

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Missing Version Updates (as of 09 Sept 2011):

  • Entropia Universe earlier than 3.9
  • Some Planet Calypso VUs
  • Some ROCKtropia VUs
  • Some Next Island VUs

Adding Version Updates[edit]

All Entropia Universe (Platform) Planet Calypso ROCKtropia Next Island Planet Arkadia Planet Cyrene Version Updates To Do

VersionRelease DateShort DescriptionUpdated EntityAffiliated Updates
Planet Arkadia Launch25 May 2011Planet Arkadia LaunchPlanet Arkadia11.10.2
Planet Arkadia Update 2011.131 May 2011Fixed IssuesPlanet Arkadia11.10.3
Planet Arkadia Update 2011.28 June 2011Fixed IssuesPlanet Arkadia11.10.4
Planet Arkadia Update 2011.314 June 2011Fixed Issues, Balancing Changes, General ChangesPlanet Arkadia11.10.5
Planet Arkadia Update 2011.46 July 2011Fixed Issues, Balance Changes, General ChangesPlanet Arkadia12.0.1
Planet Arkadia Update 2011.59 August 2011New creatures, Oratan camps, improvements, fixed issuesPlanet Arkadia12.0.3
Planet Arkadia Update 2011.618 October 2011Textures, Cave Systems, Celeste Harbour Town Square OverhauPlanet Arkadia12.1.3
Planet Arkadia Update 2011.725 October 2011Planet Arkadia Update 2011.7Planet Arkadia12.1.4
Planet Arkadia Update 2012.313 March 2012please enter short descriptionPlanet Arkadia12.5.2
Planet Arkadia Update 2014.315 October 2014please enter short descriptionPlanet Arkadia15.0

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