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Profession Category Subcategory
Animal Investigator Miscellaneous Scanning
Animal Tamer Miscellaneous Taming
Archaeologist Mining Treasure
Armor Engineer Manufacturing Armor
Attachment Engineer Manufacturing Attachments
Biotropic MindForce Healing
BLP Pistoleer (Hit) Combat BLP Pistol
BLP Sniper (Hit) Combat BLP Rifle
BLP Weapons Engineer Manufacturing Weapons
Body Sculptor Miscellaneous Beauty
Brawler (Dmg) Combat Melee Powerfist
Brawler (Hit) Combat Melee Powerfist
Captain Combat Space Defence
Carpenter Manufacturing Furniture
Colorer Miscellaneous Design
Cryogenic (Dmg) Mindforce Cryo
Cryogenic (Hit) Mindforce Cryo
Decoy Dispenser Combat Defence
Dodger Combat Ranged Defence
Driller Mining Enmatter
Electro Kinetic (Dmg) Mindforce Electro
Electro Kinetic (Hit) Mindforce Electro
Electronics Engineer Manufacturing Components
Enhancers Manufacturer Manufacturing Enhancers
Evader Combat Melee Defence
Face Sculptor Miscellaneous Beauty
Gauss Sniper(Hit) Combat Gauss Rifle
Gauss Weapons Engineer Manufacturing Weapons
Grenadier(Dmg) Combat Projectile
Grenadier(Hit) Combat Projectile
Gunner (Dmg) Combat Space
Gunner (Hit) Combat Space
Hair Stylist Miscellaneous Beauty
Humanoid Investigator Miscellaneous Scanning
Jammer Mindforce Mindforce Defence
Knifefighter (Dmg) Combat Melee Shortblades
Knifefighter (Hit) Combat Melee Shortblades
Laser Pistoleer (Hit) Combat Laser Pistol
Laser Sniper (Hit) Combat Laser Rifle
Laser Weapons Engineer Manufacturing Weapons
Longblades Engineer Manufacturing Weapons
Material Designer Manufacturing Design
Material Manufacturer Manufacturing Design
Mechanical Engineer Manufacturing Components
Mentor Miscellaneous Mentor
Metal Engineer Manufacturing Components
Miner Mining Ores
Mounted Laser (Hit) Combat Laser Mounted
Mounted BLP (Hit) Combat BLP Mounted
Mounted Grenadier (Hit) Combat Projectile Mounted
Mutant Investigator Miscellaneous Scanning
One Handed Clubber (Dmg) Combat Melee Clubs
One Handed Clubber (Hit) Combat Melee Clubs
Paramedic Combat Healing
Pet Handler Miscellaneous Taming
Plasma Pistoleer (Hit) Combat Plasma Pistol
Plasma Sniper (Hit) Combat Plasma Rifle
Plasma Weapons Engineer Manufacturing Weapons
Powerfist Engineer Manufacturing Weapons
Projectile Launcher Engineer Manufacturing Weapons
Prospector Mining Ore
Pyro Kinetic (Dmg) Mindforce Pyro
Pyro Kinetic (Hit) Mindforce Pyro
Ranged BLP (Dmg) Combat BLP
Ranged Gauss (Dmg) Combat Gauss
Ranged Laser (Dmg) Combat Laser
Ranged Plasma (Dmg) Combat Plasma
Robot Investigator Miscellaneous Scanning
Shortblades Engineer Manufacturing Weapons
Spacecraft Engineering Combat Space
Surveyor Mining Enmatter
Sweat Gatherer Miscellaneous Sweating
Swordsman (Dmg) Combat Melee Longblades
Swordsman (Hit) Combat Melee Longblades
Tailor Manufacturing Clothes
Technology Investigator Miscellaneous Scanning
Telepath Mindforce Telepathy
Tier Upgrader Manufacturing Tiering
Tool Engineer Manufacturer Tools
Translocator Mindforce Teleporting
Treasure Hunter Mining Treasure
Two Handed Clubber (Dmg) Combat Melee Clubs
Vehicle Engineer Manufacturing Vehicles
Vehicle Structural Engineer Manufacturing Vehicle Repairing
Whipper (Dmg) Combat Melee Whips
Whipper (Hit) Combat Melee Whips
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