Planet Cyrene Instances

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0x101 Supply DepotCyrene
A.R.C Challenge - 100 Crystal PedesCyrene
A.R.C Challenge - 100 Dire WeedCyrene
A.R.C Challenge - 100 Tide ClawsCyrene
A.R.C Challenge - 1000 Crystal PedesCyrene
A.R.C Challenge - 1000 Dire WeedCyrene
A.R.C Challenge - 1000 Tide ClawsCyrene
A.R.C Challenge - 500 Crystal PedesCyrene
A.R.C Challenge - 500 Dire WeedCyrene
A.R.C Challenge - 500 Tide ClawsCyrene
A.R.C. Camp EpsilonCyrene12.6.0
A.R.C. Camp OakCyrene12.6.0
A.R.C. Camp XiCyrene12.6.0
A.R.C. Head QuartersCyrene12.6.0
A.R.C. Training AreaCyrene
Aerial Base OutskirtsCyrene
An introductionCyrene12.6.0
Armored WhiskerfishCyrene
At the Behest of the High ShamanCyrene
Base Camp ZetaCyrene12.6.0
Blue Crystals for WilcoCyrene12.6.0
Center Of JanusCyrene
Checkpoint RacetrackCyrene12.6.0
Clearing the DenCyrene12.6.0
Cores AhoyCyrene
Craggs Point WestCyrene
Crystal PedeCyrene12.6.0
Cyrene PortCyrene
Cyrene test achievementCyrene
Destroy the Robot MenaceCyrene12.6.0
Dire WeedCyrene12.6.0
Dr. Nikolo's Bug ProblemCyrene12.6.0
Drill BotCyrene
Electronic Componant EnhancementsCyrene12.6.0
Empis WaspCyrene
Enkidd Fang S.2Cyrene
Field Detail - Rank 1Cyrene
Field Detail - Rank 2Cyrene
Field Detail - Rank 3Cyrene
Freshly Hatched - Rank 1Cyrene14.0
Gathering PartsCyrene12.6.1
Getting Battle ReadyCyrene12.6.0
Getting Crafty!Cyrene12.6.0
Great Sea Beast LazidolCyrene
Green HealingCyrene12.6.0
Ground the SkiesCyrene
Guy's MissionCyrene12.6.0
Help the Cap'nCyrene12.6.0
Helping HarwellCyrene12.6.0
Hollingsworth's other task!Cyrene12.6.0
Horned BirdCyrene
Horned Whisker FishCyrene
Hunting GroundsCyrene12.6.0
Impact Zone ICyrene
Impact Zone IICyrene
Impact Zone IIICyrene
Impact Zone IVCyrene
Impact Zone VCyrene
Impact Zone VICyrene
Impact Zone VIICyrene
Imperium Killer - Rank 1Cyrene
Imperium Killer - Rank 2Cyrene
Imperium Killer - Rank 3Cyrene
Imperium Killer - Rank 4Cyrene
Imperium PilotCyrene
Imperium Training GroundCyrene
In The ShadowsCyrene12.6.0
Inner Turrelion OutpostCyrene
Insatiable Hunger Rank 1Cyrene14.0
Janus GatewayCyrene
L.T.'s Viewing PleasureCyrene12.6.0
Living VortexCyrene
Location:Arret (138334, 76833, x)Cyrene
Location:Drill Bot 1001 (124500, 83300, x)Cyrene
Location:Paneleon (112611, 810405, x)Cyrene
Location:Paneleon (124122, 87339, x)Cyrene
Location:Paneleon (136670, 87450, x)Cyrene
Location:Tide Claw (123139, 79710, x)Cyrene
Location:Tide Claw (123752, 787375, x)Cyrene
Location:Tide Claw (124714, 81588, x)Cyrene
Location:Tide Claw (126349, 89613, x)Cyrene
Location:Tide Claw (127590, 82372, x)Cyrene
Location:Tide Claw (137118, 86372, x)Cyrene
Location:Tide Claw (138529, 86818, x)Cyrene
Lord PsycidonCyrene12.6.0
Mang ChangCyrene12.6.0
Marsh Base B.A.R.A.LCyrene12.6.0
Meet John FhartlyCyrene
Meet the TanhokCyrene
Meet the Turrelions...Cyrene
Meet the Zyn'Kimbro...Cyrene
Meet with ZorraCyrene
Merfolken Beach Head?Cyrene12.6.0
Mine Up Blue Crystals!Cyrene
Mine Up Iridium Ore!Cyrene
Mine Up Kaisenite Ore!Cyrene
Mine Up Yellow Crystals!Cyrene
Mine Up Zorn Star Ore!Cyrene
Miner SalazarCyrene
Mining Iron Challenge - Hazy Crystal - Rank 1Cyrene
Mining Iron Challenge: Crude Oil - Rank 1Cyrene
Mining Iron Challenge: Lysterium - Rank 1Cyrene
Mining Iron Challenge: Olerin - Rank 1Cyrene
Mining Iron Challenge: Orange Crystal - Rank 1Cyrene
Mining Iron Challenge: Sotherite - Rank 1Cyrene
Mining Iron Challenge: Yellow Crystal - Rank 1Cyrene
Mining Iron Challenge: Zorn Star - Rank 2Cyrene
Mining Iron Challenge: Zorn Star Ore - Rank 1Cyrene
Mutated Dire WeedCyrene
No Time To WasteCyrene12.6.0
Outer Turrelion OutpostCyrene12.6.0
Prove Your WorthCyrene
Puny BeachCyrene
Puny Beach Training BaseCyrene
Razerhorned WhiskerfishCyrene
Rebuilding the BaseCyrene12.6.0
Regent HalbirdCyrene12.6.0
Rhino BeetleCyrene
Rhyncho BirdCyrene
Rude AwakeningsCyrene12.6.0
Scary HackfinCyrene12.6.0
Scout BotCyrene
Scout Bot Clean Up Rank 1Cyrene14.0
Secluded Outpost XABYCyrene12.6.0
Second Hand Staging AreaCyrene12.6.3
Setter DocksCyrene12.6.3
Shadowed GladeCyrene
Skilled MessengerCyrene
Sky WraithCyrene
Southern BaseCyrene12.6.0
Stage 1: The Zeladoth PandemicCyrene
Swamp LurkerCyrene
Tanhok Crystal GardenCyrene12.6.0
Terranix FemaleCyrene
Terranix MaleCyrene
Test of Faith - Stage 1 - PantsCyrene
Test of Faith - Stage 2 - JacketCyrene
The BrimCyrene12.6.0
The Chief's RequestCyrene
The Merfolken Initiative Rank 1Cyrene
The Miner's Psyche - Rank 1Cyrene
The Miner's Psyche - Rank 2Cyrene
They're taking our minerals!Cyrene12.6.0
This Craft's For You!Cyrene12.6.0
Tide ClawCyrene
Tree DragonCyrene
Trial By FireCyrene12.6.0
Tribute To the CouncilmenCyrene
Tribute To the Councilmen 2Cyrene
Ultimate NoobCyrene
Vengeance for the FallenCyrene
Vlanwing DownCyrene
Volcano BeachCyrene12.6.0
Waterfall PerimeterCyrene12.6.0
Weaponmaster AronCyrene
Weaponmaster RobCyrene
Yellow Crystals?Cyrene12.6.0
You Are Poseidon Rank 1Cyrene14.0
You are the EmissaryCyrene
Zeladoth Spawning GroundsCyrene12.6.0
Zik OutskirtsCyrene
Zorn Star ProspectsCyrene12.6.0
Zyn'Kimbro VillageCyrene
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Entropia Universe Battle Simulator[edit]

The Battle Simulator is a universal instance accessible from anywhere in Entropia Universe. But Planet Partner revenue sharing is determined by the location of a participant’s avatar when entering the Battle Simulator instance. Entering the instance from Planet Cyrene will attribute the Planet Partner revenue to Planet Cyrene.