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To get yourself on the map (and to be shown on calendars, stats, categories, etc)...

  1. You need to be logged in on EntropiaPlanets, sign up or login there.
  2. Create/edit your participant profile accordingly, click here to do so.
  3. Optional but recommended: Create an Avatar Profile by clicking the "Add Avatar Profile" link appearing below the Participant profile on User:
  4. Optional: Create a Mentor Profile by clicking the "Add Mentor Profile" link appearing below the Participant profile on User: to be shown on Mentoring modules like the Mentoring Map.


You can click each map marker for further info and a link to the user page.

 Participant CoordinatesCountryHome PlanetSocietyCompany Location
Arkadia Studios1° 16' 53.31" N, 103° 51' 2.99" E
Jenny ferr57° 41' 49.18" N, 11° 59' 11.40" ESwedenPlanet ArkadiaModified Perception
Karl Cullinane32° 56' 51.38" N, 97° 4' 5.98" WUSAPlanet ArkadiaNBK Elite
Puck32° 43' 31.47" N, 97° 19' 15.06" WUnited StatesPlanet ArkadiaReplay
RAZER51° 55' 37.39" N, 4° 27' 5.48" ENetherlandsPlanet ArkadiaSociety:*Adopt a Newbie* Foundation
T79x49° 50' 4.74" N, 18° 16' 55.34" ECzech RepublicPlanet ArkadiaCz-Sk Crows
Yao-Te23° 6' 36.18" N, 120° 11' 5.77" ETaiwanPlanet ArkadiaSociety:*Adopt a Newbie* Foundation
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