Planet Cyrene Teleporters

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Finding more Information
  • Most individual TP pages have a lot more information than this table, click a specific TP name to access its page
  • Click the "Browse ... Teleporters link in the bar above for additional information and options
  • There might be links leading to further information at the bottom of the page
  • Check out the forums: EntropiaPlanets Forums

Adding a Teleporter

  1. Enter the exact ingame name in the field above
  2. Click the "Add/Edit Teleporter" button
  3. Enter data in the fields of the form
  4. Click the "Save page" button
  5. Optional: Add additional data in each section of the TP page by clicking the Edit link of the according section

Editing a Teleporter (Infobox data)

  1. 3 Options:
    - Click the the Edit Pencil in the last column of the table
    - Click the name of the Teleporter, then on the TP page click the "Edit with form" tab
    - Enter the name of the TP in the field above, click the "Add/Edit Teleporter" button
  2. Enter data in the fields of the form
  3. Click the "Save page" button

Editing a Teleporter (Page sections)

  1. Click the name of the Teleporter
  2. On the Teleporter page click the Edit link of the according section
  3. Click the "Save page" button

Questions, suggestions, bug reports?

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0x101 Supply Depot(137601, 87152, 161)CyreneIn GameYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
A.R.C. Camp Epsilon(128172, 85185, 139)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
A.R.C. Camp Oak(124215, 81615, 149)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
A.R.C. Camp Xi(126169, 88692, 136)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
A.R.C. Head Quarters(129132, 82649, 130)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNo
A.R.C. Training Area(129262, 84184, 122)CyreneIn GameYesYesYesYesYes
Aerial Base Outskirts(129926, 86703, 123)CyreneIn GameYesYesYesYesYes
Base Camp Zeta(124939, 89012, 158)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
Center Of Janus(136489, 85516, 176)CyreneIn GameYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Checkpoint Racetrack(124733, 79411, 160)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
Craggs Point West(124373, 83691, 112)CyreneIn GameYesYesYesYesYes
Cyrene Port(136859, 85811, 180)CyreneIn GameYesYesYesYesYes
Hunting Grounds(137529, 87250, 151)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoYesYesYesNoNoNo
Impact Zone I(13130, 85494, 103)CyreneIn GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYes
Impact Zone II(133745, 86229, 120)CyreneIn GameYesYesYesYes
Impact Zone III(125681, 78086, 101)CyreneIn GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYes
Impact Zone IV(127303, 86375, 115)CyreneIn GameYesNoYesYesYesNoNo
Impact Zone V(124335, 79637, 110)CyreneIn GameYesNoYesYesYesNoNoNo
Impact Zone VI(?????, ?????, ?????)CyreneCanceled
Impact Zone VII(127395, 89504, 105)CyreneIn GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
Imperium Training Ground(?????, ?????, ?????)CyreneCanceled
Inner Turrelion Outpost(124525, 84184, 122)CyreneIn GameYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Janus Gateway(136531, 85811, 424)CyreneIn GameYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
L.U.I.G.I.V.R(137511, 87264, 163)CyreneIn Game
M.A.R.I.O.V.R(137504, 87263, 163)CyreneIn GameYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
Marsh Base B.A.R.A.L(133819, 85326, 173)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
Outer Turrelion Outpost(124842, 77911, 143)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
Puny Beach(138412, 87981, 154)CyreneIn GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
Puny Beach Training Base(137532, 87278, 161)CyreneIn GameNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
R66-X(128878, 78980, 101)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
Secluded Outpost XABY(131470, 86012, 106)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Second Hand Staging Area(136850, 85500, ?????)Cyrene12.6.3In GameNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Setter Docks(128675, 77650, 108)Cyrene12.6.3In GameYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNo
Shadowed Glade(135571, 84860, 209)CyreneIn GameYes
Southern Base(128533, 83770, 111)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
Tanhok Crystal Garden(136188, 83629, 148)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
The Brim(129828, 80085, 398)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
Volcano Beach(125737, 81073, 129)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
Waterfall Perimeter(129215, 88706, 112)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoYesYesYesNoYesNo
Zeladoth Spawning Grounds(133811, 82603, 115)Cyrene12.6.0In GameYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Zik Outskirts(131793, 84354, 118)CyreneIn GameYesYesYesYesYes
Zyn'Kimbro Village(128637, 79698, 139)CyreneIn GameYesYesYesYesYes