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Hunt The Thing - Mission: Searching Vehicles...

This is a set of 2 missions in the Hunt The Thing storyline.

Mission Trigger[edit]

  • Part 1 - Search the Arctic Mountain 4x4 (36532, 17454)
  • Part 2 - Search the Arctic Mountain 4x4 (36743, 17276)


  • Part 1 - Search the 4x4
  • Part 2 - Search the 4x4


  • Part 1 - 3000 Ammo (Low Grade) or 3000 Ammo (High Grade)

(depending on weapon)

  • Part 2 - Level 1 Access Card


Part 1:

  • This 4x4 can be found in the Scientific Station #1 during the Lights Out missions.
  • Once you are in the Scientific Station gates, follow the road south past the east gate and you should see the abandoned 4x4.
  • Search the 4x4.

Part 2:

  • From the first 4x4, spawn your car on the road facing south and drive until you exit the back of the camp. Keep going until you go up a hill and find another abandoned 4x4 in between the split in the road.
  • Search the 4x4 to get the Level 1 Access Card.

NOTE: You will need this Access Card to use in the mission Lights Out

Missions List[edit]

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