Mission:The End

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Hunt The Thing - Mission: The End

This is a message that activates upon completion of all the Hunt The Thing storyline missions.

Mission Trigger[edit]

  • Walk Outside the cave (39474, 20161)


  • N/A


  • Arctic Combat Helicopter (L)


  • After escaping the Things, you will appear on a road outside Camp Finale. Follow this road down to Camp Finale and enter the gates.
  • Continue down the road into the camp and a message will pop-up informing you of the end of the storyline and you will receive the Arctic Combat Helicopter as a reward.
  • Continue down the road though the camp and pass through the gates.
  • You will see a teleporter to ROCKtropia there.

NOTE: There is more to explore and contain extra "Expert Levels" so if you wish to stay, you can attempt to explore those areas. Check out the Arctic Map and look at the "LZ Expert" areas to start out.

Missions List[edit]

Welcome To Camp Campbell - Camp Campbell Locations - Meeting Dr.Marconi - The Wager - Weapons Training - Your Weapon Of Choice - Weapons Cage - Gearing Up For Adventure! - The Adventure Begins... - Searching Vehicles... - Lights Out - Reconfiguring Satellites - DNA Verification - Driving Towards The Mountains - The Story Unfolds - Army Weapons Crate - Up The Mountain... - Pick Up Supplies - Hunt The Thing (mission) - The End