Mission:Reconfiguring Satellites

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Hunt The Thing - Mission: Reconfiguring Satellites

This is a set of 2 missions in the Hunt The Thing storyline.

Mission Trigger[edit]

  • Part 1 - Finishing the Lights Out missions
  • Part 2 - Using the Satellite Communications Terminal (36500, 17454)


  • Part 1 - Reconfigure Facility Satellites
  • Part 2 - Reconfigure Facility Satellites


  • N/A


Part 1:

  • From the Main Generator, walk outside reconfigure the two Facility Satellites.
  • The first Satellite Communications Terminal is located at (36500, 17454)

Part 2:

  • The second Satellite Communications Terminal is located at (36805, 17224)
  • After that is should be complete.

BUG NOTE: Sometimes the mission will not update when you attempt to reconfigure the first Satellite terminal. This will not hinder your progress to the later missions. Just walk out the north gate and activate the Chopper to progress to the next mission, Driving Towards The Mountains.

Missions List[edit]

Welcome To Camp Campbell - Camp Campbell Locations - Meeting Dr.Marconi - The Wager - Weapons Training - Your Weapon Of Choice - Weapons Cage - Gearing Up For Adventure! - The Adventure Begins... - Searching Vehicles... - Lights Out - Reconfiguring Satellites - DNA Verification - Driving Towards The Mountains - The Story Unfolds - Army Weapons Crate - Up The Mountain... - Pick Up Supplies - Hunt The Thing (mission) - The End