Mission:Hunt The Thing

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Hunt The Thing - Mission: Hunt the Thing

This is a set of 2 missions in the Hunt The Thing storyline.

Mission Trigger[edit]

  • Part 1 - Dropping down the hole in the floor of the Supply Shed (38342, 19282)
  • Part 2 - After killing a Thing


  • Part 1 - Kill a Thing
  • Part 2 - ESCAPE!


  • N/A
  • NOTE: You can acquire The THING Infection (FA)(L), a short ranged weapon, from a rare Thing drop. Farming Things will better your chances to get one.


Part 1:

  • After you located the Supply Shed enter it. (You should be prepared to kill powerful Things before you continue)
  • Drop down the hole in the ground inside the shed.
  • Locate a Thing and kill it.

Part 2:

  • After killing a Thing, you will need to ESCAPE... and fast! Spawn your truck facing south-west and drive through the horde of Things. Once you reach the end you will be spawned on a road outside Camp Finale without your truck. Don't worry, in a while, the truck will respawn into your storage. Just don't forget to pick it up before you leave ROCKtropia.

NOTE: If you are stuck and cannot kill a Thing, make sure you have a shotgun on hand, or group up with a friend or two. If you chose to group up, you will need to let each person in the group take the last shot at the Thing if you want everyone to finish the mission. A 2 man group with shotguns should be good enough to complete this mission even with minimal skills.

Missions List[edit]

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