Mission:Welcome To Camp Campbell

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Hunt The Thing - Mission: Welcome To Camp Campbell

This is your first mission when arriving at Hunt The Thing in the Arctic from ROCKtropia.


  • Find the Registration Officer. Coordinates (34346, 17248)


  • Arctic Tactical Radio


  • You start near the base of a small hill. At the bottom of the hill is a chopper and a female Registration Officer standing near some crates. Talk to the her to get the Arctic Tactical Radio.

Missions List[edit]

Welcome To Camp Campbell - Camp Campbell Locations - Meeting Dr.Marconi - The Wager - Weapons Training - Your Weapon Of Choice - Weapons Cage - Gearing Up For Adventure! - The Adventure Begins... - Searching Vehicles... - Lights Out - Reconfiguring Satellites - DNA Verification - Driving Towards The Mountains - The Story Unfolds - Army Weapons Crate - Up The Mountain... - Pick Up Supplies - Hunt The Thing (mission) - The End