Mission:Lights Out

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Hunt The Thing - Mission: Lights Out

This is a set of 8 missions in the Hunt The Thing storyline.

Mission Trigger[edit]

  • Part 1 - Walk into the Scientific Station #1 (36493, 17598)
  • Part 2 - Use the Main Generator (36557, 17441)
  • Part 3 - Search the Arctic Mountain 4x4 (36743, 17276)
  • Parts 4-8 - Use the Main Generator (36557, 17441)


  • Part 1 - Restore Power To Facility
  • Part 2 - Get Level 1 Access Keycard
  • Part 3 - Go back to Main Generator
  • part 4-8 - Redistribute Power


  • N/A


Part 1:

  • Walk into the Scientific Station #1 the gates will only open partially, so you will need to walk through it as your truck will not fit.
  • Continue south down the road past the east gate and you should see an abandoned 4x4.
  • Next to the 4x4 is the door you will want to enter and use the Main Generator.

Part 2:

  • It's does not function and requests you to find the Level 1 Access Keycard.
  • Get back out and from the first 4x4, spawn your car on the road facing south and drive until you exit the back of the camp. Keep going until you go up a hill and find another abandoned 4x4 in between the split in the road.
  • Search the 4x4 to get the Level 1 Access Keycard.

Part 3:

  • Turn your truck around and go back and use the Main Generator.

Part 4-8:

  • When you use the Main Generator, it will ask you to redistribute power by selecting a set of options. You will need to enter it in the exact order to complete it. Missing any of the options will require you to start the process all over. It goes as follows:
    • Redistribute Power - Reduce Facility Beta 2% (Option 2)
    • Redistribute Power - Increase Perimeter Defenses 7% (Option 3)
    • Redistribute Power - Increase Perimeter Defenses 12% (Option 3)
    • Redistribute Power - Increase Cooling Facility 40% (Option 4)
    • Redistribute Power - Split Increase Facility Alpha/Beta 13/20% (Option 2)
  • After this the power is restored and the mission is complete.

NOTE: Part of this mission involves the Searching Vehicles... mission.

Missions List[edit]

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