Mission:Your Weapon Of Choice

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Hunt The Thing - Mission: Your Weapon of Choice

This is a mission in the Hunt The Thing storyline.

Mission Trigger[edit]

  • Talk to Col. Whitely (Firing range inside the armory) (34449, 17277)


  • Take a weapon from the table next to Col. Whitely


  • Assault Rifle (FA)(L) + 5000 Ammo (Low Grade)
  • Pistol (SA)(L) + 5000 Ammo (Low Grade)
  • Shotgun (SA)(L) + 5000 Ammo (High Grade)


  • Talk to Col. Whitely in the Firing Range.
  • Look at the table besides him and choose your weapon. Once you pick up a weapon, you cannot choose another.
  • Talk to Col. Whitely.

TIP: The Shotgun is the preferred weapon compared to the Pistol and Assault rifle as it does exceptional damage to wolves and Thing creatures.

Missions List[edit]

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