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Release Date::2011/09/15
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Improvements and Fixed Issues, Planet-Specific Release, The Thing
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ROCKtropia 9-15-2011, Hunt The Thing
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Official Release Notes[edit]

Improvements and Fixed Issues

Fixed Known Issues from 12.0.0

  • Windows at reactor room are now visible.
  • The SI display inside the mothership's gun turrets is now correctly displayed.
  • You no longer get stuck if you jump into the hologram in the Command Center on the command bridge.
  • Target of refueling station is now correctly positioned.
  • When damaging the mothership you manage with a vehicle you can now enter it.
  • Corrected repair section names and some interior graphics.


  • Fixed so you can trade Kismet light laser (L) blueprint (L) in the Auction again.
  • Title on asteroid corrected to "Asteroid F.O.M.A." (from "Asteroid CND").
  • The action "Set team target" now functions correctly.
  • Fixed waypoint info when creating waypoint by writing "/pos" in the Main Chat.
  • Fixed issues with Teleportation problems upon death.
  • Improved Client Loader stability.
  • You can no longer use T (Teleport to nearest revival terminal) when movement is locked. This fixes issue where you used teleport chip, but ended up at starting position.
  • Fixed issue with moving Ad screens without player content support and ones that show global ads.
  • You can no longer fly upside down with Sleipnir.
  • You can no longer enter vehicles while reloading tools.


  • After trading the mothership deed and the new manager claims the ship management, the old manager and passengers (if still on the ship) are kicked out.
  • Mothership passengers can now see if the mothership is within a PvP area or not.
  • Repairable mothership objects are now loaded in the interior.
  • When summoned to a mothership you get information on who is summoning you to what ship and then you can choose to accept the summon or not.
  • If a guest on a mothership, that is currently occupying a seat, is kicked from the Guest List, the seat will no longer be locked.


  • Fixed issue with getting stuck in the cockpit when trying to leave the pilot seat.
  • Fixed issue where you could not enter pilot seat.
  • Interior health damage is now updated correctly when under attack from outside and healing from inside.
  • The ship now explodes when destroyed.
  • Fixed issue with adding ingots to the SI management terminal; you can now increase the maximum SI value.
  • Fixed collision between Privateers and other spaceships.
  • Teleportation between a space station and a Privateer now functions correctly.
  • Added name to the guns.
  • You can now rotate the guns.
  • Added missing reactor.
  • Fixed issue with automatically entering Privateer (on which guest list you are on).

Skills and Professions

  • You can now extract skill from the profession Scan Technology.
  • You can now extract unlockable skill also after the main skill is removed.
  • Fixed issue where you could not use the wormhole mindforce chip.


  • Corrected info for "Recall all vehicles" action when in space; it now correctly says that the vehicle will be placed in the Inventory, not the planet storage.
  • Added action "Align horizontal"to the Action Library. Using this action aligns the spaceship to the horizontal plane in space; the same plane that the planets are aligned to.
  • A space thruster attached to a Quad-Wing is now also visibly attached to the ship.
  • Changed behavior when increasing maximum SI value: you can now add any number of minerals to the SI management terminal (up to the maximum stack size per mineral type) and this increases the maximum SI value accordingly. However, the ship's health is not affected; for this you need to repair the repair sections. As before, the final result is affected by your profession level as a Vehicle Structure Engineer.
  • Fixed issue where the avatar did not revive after the spaceship was shot down.
  • Fixed issue with landing on ROCKtropia from space.
  • As a passenger or crew on a destroyed spaceship, your health points are reduced to 10 directly when you start floating around, choking, in space. Loot from these choking participants, will be divided between those who did damage to the destroyed spaceship.
  • Increased the time an avatar floats in space before death.

Space Mobs

  • Fixed issues with Cosmic Horror, for example, regarding attack range, karma points and inflicted damage.

Visuals and UIs

  • Vehicle markers will now be displayed in front of other UIs.
  • Improved presentation of damage text, in-world combat text and target markers.
  • Improved messages when a participant teleports away in the middle of a trade, that is before accepting the deal.
  • Fixed visibility of helicopter rotor blades after flight.
  • Fixed issue where Marketing Value for items that can be tiered was incorrectly shown.

Legal Documents

Entropia Universe Account Terms of Use (ToU) is updated:

  • 8 MindArk's Rules of Conduct. Added bullet o, which includes information that you may not interfere with the virtual economy of Entropia Universe.
  • 18.2 MindArk's Right to Change the Agreement. Updated link where you can find an updated version of this agreement and how we endeavor to notify you when updates are made.

Planet-Specific Releases

MindArk proudly presents a new themed planet - The Thing! It is based on the coming Universal Studios movie with the same title. The landscape is cold, with ice an snow. There is a laboratory there and you can find both scientists and military on site.

Getting there: As a current participant, the only way to enter this planet is by teleporting there from ROCKtropia.

Further Information[edit]

Further info on The Thing: TheThing sucked into ROCKtropia's Orbit

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