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This guide is illustrating the avatar creation process in Entropia Universe.

Most important: Take your time when creating your avatar. Once you have finished and left avatar creation mode you quite likely will not be able to change the visual appearance of your avatar without spending money.

Please also note: The clothes in the avatar creation mode are just showcases, you will arrive in Entropia Universe with very basic clothes depending on the planet you choose to start on.

The best overview is probably to get from this official video (more videos in the media section further below):


Avatar creation[edit]

The avatar creation process itself is pretty self-explanatory. Once started you can choose from a number of male or female avatar appearance presets (see further below: Avatar appearance presets) and a number of male and female hairstyles as well as male beard styles (see further below: Avatar hairstyles and beardstyles.

Body, face, hair and colors menus[edit]

There are several menus and submenus for manipulating the avatar's body, face, hair and colors:

Clothes and make-up previews[edit]

There's are previews available to visualize the avatar's appearance with a potential set of armor, clothes and make-up. PLEASE NOTE: These are just visualizing previews, you will not get the items or make-up mask you can see there!

Finishing avatar creation[edit]

Before finishing the avatar creation process make sure you are satified with your avatar. Once you've finished your avatar creation process you will quite likely not be able to change the visual appearance of your avatar without spending money. Avatar customization is a common service other players offer for money.

The appearance of your avatar in game might not match what it looked like in the avatar creation area. If you think the differences are too big you might want to File a support case.

You might want to introduce your avatar in this thread: http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/entropia-universe-avatars-post-vu14.9088/

Avatar appearance presets[edit]

There is a set of avatar appearance preset available from which you can choose.


Male avatar appearance presets.


Female avatar appearance presets.

Avatar hairstyles and beardstyles[edit]

Male hairstyles[edit]

Available male hairstyles.

Male beardstyles[edit]

Available male beardstyles.

Female hairstyles[edit]

Available female hairstyles.

Avatar appearance history[edit]



Avatar Creation video by Luri Nightshade:


Avatar Creation video by PigBenisHateraid:


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