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Release Date::2005/07/01
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New avatar creation process, Beauty Professions
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New avatar creation process

A new avatar creation process is launched, allowing for a more streamlined experience. Everyone will have an opportunity to check it out, even old avatars.

Old avatars

If you already have made an avatar before the avatar creation update, you have a one-time opportunity to try out the new system. Please note that you at any time can press Reset, to change back to your original look in the currently selected category. When Reset is pressed all changes you have made in the chosen category is lost and your appearance will be the same as before. Note that you cannot change your gender. To continue onwards, press Accept.


Through activating the icons at the top of the UI you can switch between different sections of your appearance. Thereafter you can either use the arrows in the manipulation area to select a new feature, or use the circular zone to decide the level of alteration. If you want to reset a change, you need to activate the corresponding category and then press the reset button. Furthermore, if you press one of the Preview icons on the lower end of the interface, you will get an idea about how your avatar will look in different outfits. Note that these outfits are previews only and will NOT be included in your equipment.


Mouse: Move the cursor around. Mouse Wheel: Used to zoom in and out. Mouse Wheel Pressed down: Move the camera to various angles. Keyboard Num Pad 8: Used to move camera up. Keyboard Num Pad 2: Used to move camera down.


When you are satisfied with your choice of appearance you need to press the Accept button. Please note that once you have accepted your looks, you cannot do any further adjustments. However, while in Project Entropia, you will have the option to interact with a person capable of changing avatar looks, namely the body sculptor, hair stylist and the face sculptor.


After you have accepted your looks, you need to choose the name of your avatar. Please choose your name sensibly. The rules and restrictions regarding choice of names are clearly stated in the Conditions of Use and any violation of these rules can lead to a permanent lockdown of your account.

New introduction A new introduction is presented when starting Project Entropia.

New professions added

Three new beauty professions added, the body sculptor, hair stylist and the face sculptor. They can alter avatar looks, based on their skills, materials and equipment.

As a beauty designer, you can adjust the settings and changes a customer has requested. The customer will be notified when you transfer control of the process and show the suggested outcome for validation.

Your success rate ("SR") is based on your skills and the input materials chosen for the process. You can see the success rate for a 100 percent perfect outcome noted in each adjusted section. Note that more manipulation during a single procedure will lessen your overall success rate in every area.

When you are satisfied with the suggested outcome you can transfer control to the customer, by pressing Propose. The customer may accept the proposed outcome, or choose to alter the suggestion and transfer back the wishes to you for verification. You may then add new input materials to correspond with the customer's wishes.

When the customer accepts the suggested outcome, several checks are made to see the final result. Some areas, when several changes are proposed at once, may be 100 percent successful, while other have minor or no noticeable changes applied.

The general competence level of the designer influences the various areas you can alter, meaning a higher leveled designer has more options to choose from.

Added Beauty Materials

New items used by the beauty professionals have been added, including cartilage, fat and hair spray.

Added Beauty Tools

New tools added for usage when performing beauty procedures, including the hair stylist’s chair and the body sculptor’s toolkit.

New skills added

New skills added to work together with the new beauty professions.

General items added

A number of other items added to expand the range of items in Project Entropia.

Shopkeepers and Mannequins update

The Shopkeeper and Mannequin system has been reviewed and updated.

Added Revival terminals to Amethera

Based on community feedback, several new Revival terminals have been placed at various locations on Amethera.

Skill experience increased

The skill experience rate is greatly increased, based on community feedback and detailed analysis. The increase will be especially noticeable for "mid-leveled" avatars.

Fertilizing station updated

The Fertilizing station system has been reviewed and updated.

Aggression levels

Creatures roaming the lands are now less aggressive. This is especially true for lower-maturity creatures.

Creatures AI improvement

The creatures seems to have been eating smart pills and will behave more cunningly than before.

Sweating once again considered hostile

The creatures of Calypso once again consider sweating a hostile action which may trigger attacks. However, sources claim the number of sweat bottles extracted seems to have increased as well.

Updates to Options

Several new options added, including the ability to shut off wind (and thus the moving vegetation).

Change to lighting system

The dynamic lighting system slider in the options interface is changed. Now, when you move the slider all the way to the left, you have the least amount of dynamic light applied, instead of shutting it off completely.

Change to T button

When using the T button for transportation when stuck in terrain now freezes movement, to counter foul use of its functionality.

Change to blueprint

The blueprint design recipe for the Armor Plating 1A is changed, as it contained a faulty ingredient.

Music and Sounds

The Project Entropia experience is improved, with new sound effects, ambient sounds, and music.

Client stability

Several potential crash issues are removed from the Project Entropia client software.

Internal error fixed The source of the Internal error message fixed.


  • All tailored clothes shown as “Uncolored” in the auction, even if they are colored.
  • You can’t repair an item with attachments attached to it. You have to detach them prior to repairing.
  • If an existing avatar had an item in equipped when entering the avatar creation process, the item can’t be used once on Calypso. You need to re-login in order to get it usable again.
  • If an existing avatar had newcomer clothes (including shoes) on, the newcomer clothes will be lost. In order to get the newcomer clothes back, you need to put all clothes in your storage facility and re-login.
  • Some of the beauty materials have faulty descriptions concerning what profession it belongs to.

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