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Release Date::2011/02/09
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Avatar Makeover
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Entropia Universe 11.6.1 Release Notes

09 Feb 2011

Avatar Makeover

Due to changes made to the character creation you will be offered a chance to remake your avatar's appearance on your first login after the update. If you cancel the offer, it will be offered again on your next login. Once you have confirmed the offer, the character creation interface will open. When you are pleased with your looks, press "Accept". If you want to start over, just press cancel. You will then be offered to open the interface again upon your next login.

Note: Once you have pressed "Accept" you will no longer be able to access the character creation interface. Also note that this offer does not include a gender change

Improvements and Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue that caused errors when trying to sell vehicles through the Auction.
  • It is no longer possible to create auctions with vehicles that contain fuel; instead you will receive a warning message.
  • General bugfixes and improvements for Genesis.
  • Improved client interaction with the Windows User Account Control.
  • Improved client stability.

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