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Release Date::2009/08/17
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CryEngine 2
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The Vikings believed that when the world was going to end, there would be a great winter. Then gods and giants would fight the last battle. Then the world would burn, and out of the ashes, a new world would be born.

They were almost right. They just got it in the wrong order.

Five years ago, the War Titan Typhon entered the Calypsian star system, and it was aimed at Calypso. The Federal Imperial Navy desperately tried to stop it. They threw everything they had against Typhon, even their own lives.

They failed.

Typhon entered the atmosphere over the ocean, just northwest of Amethera. It painted a fiery line across the sky to the east. Minutes later, Typhon smashed into the ground at Hadesheim. The sun was blocked by the millions of tons of dust thrown up into the air by the impact. Fire-storms raged over Calypso, and then ash fell, and snow fell, and the great winter took hold of Calypso.

But it was not the end. Most of the colonists had been evacuated to Exodus station. They waited there for the dust to settle, the skies to clear, and life to grow back.

The long wait is over. The frontier is open again.


After the impact of the war titan Typhon, the geography of Calypso has changed. Using the CryENGINE2 game engine, the new frontier is brought to life. It will be a new adventure to rediscover the planet, as well as discover the new features of the colony world.


Almost everything on Calypso was knocked down, set on fire or buried when Typhon hit the ground. Some places have been rebuilt and others are under construction. Also, one new settlement has been constructed and one has been redesigned.

Items and weapons

A lot of items have been polished with better looks and better effects for CryENGINE2.

Avatar recreation

Each participant avatar has been converted as closely as possible to its Version 9.4 look. You will have the option to keep this converted look, or, take advantage of a one-time opportunity to recreate your avatar using the full modification range available through the system. This one-time opportunity will only be available following the Version 10 update. Once you have "Accepted" your avatar, the offer will no longer be available.

Newly created avatars will use the regular 'avatar creation' system.

Local storage

Storage terminals have been introduced to CND.

Storage is planet-specific, and you will only get access to items placed in storage on that particular planet. If you are at [[Club NEVERDIE]], you will not have access to items in storage on Calypso, and vice versa.

Items placed in estates have been moved to storage. To simplify the re-furnishing process, estate owners receive personal storage terminals in their storage. These can be placed on the estate and used like regular storage terminals.

Systems in VU 10.0

Version Update 10.0 will begin with the most widely used systems:

  • Hunting
  • Mining
  • Crafting
  • PvP Trade
  • Auction
  • CND Asteroid
  • Banks
  • Estates
  • Shops
  • Land Areas
  • PvP Combat
  • Society
  • Friends List
  • Ad System
  • Participant Content
  • Terminals
  • Items
  • Garment Customization
  • Inventory
  • Storage
  • Hall of Fame
  • Teleport
  • Chat
  • Keyboard Mapping
  • Dashboard
  • Map
  • GUI
  • Gifts


Chat window improvements

The chat window can now be moved and resized. Default keys are now 'Enter' to enter chat mode, and 'Escape' to leave chat mode. N.B. Pressing 'Enter' while in chat mode no longer causes chat to lose focus.

New Options - Controls window

A new options UI has been implemented. The UI is divided into four tabs: Controls, Graphics, Advanced and Sound, where options for each can be fine tuned for your liking.

Control changes

There has been a slight change in movement controls. W is now Run/Walk Forward (instead of Walk Forward), and Q toggles between Walking Mode and Running Mode (instead of Run Forward).

In cursor mode, right click brings up the context menu. Left click to navigate is disabled. Also, while you can target animals/players in third person, trying to shoot them with Use Tool will not work. The weapon is fired in whatever direction the avatar happens to be facing, rather than the selected target.

The 'Move to Target while Interacting' option is currently unavailable.

New Options Menu window

Pressing Esc will bring up an options menu, with the items Options, Keymapping/Desktop Icons, and Exit Entropia Universe, instead of the previous Exit Entropia Universe window.


It is currently not possible to drag and drop items to your avatar.


Won auction items must now be collected from the auction by clicking the 'Won' button to view won auctions, followed by the 'Retrieve' button for item retrieval.


First Planet Company's "Second Golden Age of Calypso" promotion period will unfold parallel to the Version Updates. A range of exclusive never-to-be-dropped-again items, combined with an updated Calypso story will ensure maximum entertainment and excitement available through the systems being introduced.

An enlarged group of Official Planet Calypso Guides will be available throughout the period to welcome and guide new colonists to our planet.

The official start date of the Second Golden Age will be announced on the Planet Calypso website.


Due to the crowded space around Calypso in this phase of resettlement, civilian space traffic has been grounded. Also, hangars have not been rebuilt yet. Travel between CND and Calypso is currently serviced by a temporary teleport service. A one way ticket is 25 PED. This fee will be distributed among the hangar owners when civilian space travel service is reinstated. NOTE: This is a temporary solution.

Crystal Palace is closed at the moment and travel there has been suspended.

Apartments are closed for now. Items in apartments have been placed in storage until the apartments can be restored.

Due to five years in storage, customizable items except garments have turned grey. Their former luster will be restored in a future Version Update.


New updates will quickly follow the VU10.0 release.

Version Update 10.1 will see Land Area Management, MindForce Teleportation, Apartments, Televators and Fruit, Dung & Stones.

Version Update 10.2 will include Teaming, Third Person Avatar Navigation, and Audio Enhancements.

Version Updates following 10.2 will include major new systems, along with enhancements to current systems.

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