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Which is the best Entropia Universe planet to start on? This page gives an overview.

This page is part of the general Entropia Universe Guide and referred to in the Entropia Universe beginners guide.

If you are still undecided which planet to choose after reading the guide you might want to ask for recommendations on the forums:

Which planet to start on[edit]

Choosing the "right" planet to start on is really important. This choice is already being made by registering your Entropia Universe account via the website of your planet of choice. If you register your account via the official Entropia Universe website you can choose a planet when leaving the universal introductionary area called Genesis.

Although gameplay is not much different across the planets each planet has a specific setting and potentially offers opportunities different from the other planets. Also one planet might be more newbie friendly than the other and offer activities less expensive than other planets.

Once you have chosen a planet traveling from this planet to another quite likely will cost you a few PED (10-30). Also it is dangerous to transfer belongings in the form of stackable items because space is an area with Player-versus-Player combat where other players can loot your stackable items if they manage to kill you.

Furthermore the planet partner of your planet of origin will receive a part of the money you spend in EU, even if you spend it on another planet. You might wish that this part of the money you spent in EU will go to the planet you like the most and that way support the development of the planet.

So choose your planet to start on carefully!

Our current recommendation for a planet to start on is Planet Calypso. It has the most content, the most players and the most elaborated economy. For signing up you best go through the official website:

Entropia Universe Planets comparison[edit]

This section is transcluded from Entropia Universe Planets:

Calypso ROCKtropia Next Island Arkadia Cyrene Monria Toulan
Logo Planet 01.jpg Planet 06.jpg Planet-Next Island.jpg Arkadia.jpg Planet 02.jpg 200px-Monria.jpg 200px-Planet-Toulan.jpg
Virtual Music Worlds LLC??? Next Island LLC Arkadia Studios Creative Kingdom Planet Calypso AB Beladcom
Developer NEVERDIE Studios Arkadia Studios Digital Scryers/Creative Kingdom Beladcom
Release January 2003 April 2010 December 2010 May 2011 May 2012 November 2013 Late 2013?
Latest Update ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Setting Sci-Fi, humans colonizing a planet inhabited by dangerous wildlife and hostile mutants, constantly at war with their worst enemy: the robots ? Scientist discovered a way to travel to a 'parallel universe' which is Next Island, a tropical paradise, as well as the possibility of time travel to destinations like Ancient Greece for example Sci-Fi, humans exploring a planet inhabited by dangerous wildlife, hostile invaders, and covered with the remains of a former civilization ? Based on the Chtulhu Mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft ?
Calypso can be considered the most populated and economically most developed planet ? Scarce atm Small, but growing steadily ? Just started, so probably bigger now then it will be in a short while as everybody is checking it out to see what it is about ?
? ? ? Has a nice set up for beginning players to get information about the ingame tools and setting and a few beginning quest to do. The places where mob are located are extremely well thought out with the low level ones close to the starting bases and as your explore you find much stronger mob.

Arkadia has also a Community Advisor Program which means that developer selected veteran players dedicated to help new players are available.

? Mostly smaller creatures and nice beginners missions that take you all over the 'planet' ?
Calypso offers EU players the opportunity to buy Calypso Land Deeds ? "Timetravel", so far only to Ancient Greece, items can't be taken back in time but forward Will be focussed on Treasure Hunting as soon as the systems get implemented ? ? ?
Planet Calypso is a unique sci-fi MMOG. As human colonists on a distant alien planet, players from all over the world join together in the development of a new civilization. Faced with robotic enemies and exotic environments, settlers hunt wild creatures, mine resources, craft and trade items as they expand their human colony.

Free from subscription costs, Planet Calypso’s innovative real cash economy uses a virtual currency with a fixed exchange rate to the US dollar. Its state-of-the-art graphics engine delivers the highest quality visuals available in any MMO today.

Since its creation in 2003, Planet Calypso has offered an online game experience second to none. Enjoyed by players in over 200 countries, Planet Calypso recaptures the frontier experience in a vast online world filled with adventure and opportunity.
ROCKtropia is the first virtual music world; destinations include Zomhattan and rock icon Lemmy Kilmister's castle.

The inevitable destruction of the immortal city due to the "deadly virus" has bred a whole new level of terror and horror into the streets of Zomhattan as the dead have risen. With the virus continuing to spread, the city burroughs of Zomhattan have become warzones infested with junkies, thugs and kingpings all capitalizing on the infection by controlling the sales and distribution of antitoxins to the uninfected as well as operating the black market trades in zombie body parts and plasma. Defend Kevin Rudolf's B.A.M.F. HQ or take on the gangs, run the streets, become the kingpin.

Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead has established his castle and private army in the outer reaches of ROCKtropia. You will have the opportunity to join Lemmy's army by proving yourself through a series of tests and trials that will take you to the depths of hell and back.
Join the utopian scientists, great artists and successful entrepreneurs who populate our tropical paradise of Next Island.

Travel through time to ancient Greece where you can fight mythical beasts, quest to please the gods or discuss philosophy with other residents. Pursue a wide range of professions from hunting to hairdressing, craft weapons and fashions to use and trade, or just socialize with other Islanders at our popular clubs.
Planet Arkadia is an exciting planet centred around Treasure Hunting, but it is also a place for players to interact with their friends and other players in teams and in societies. Hunt or mine, or become an entrepreneur and trader. Explore breathtaking scenery alone or with a friend and make important historical discoveries. Remain a freelancer and strike out alone, or complete missions to gain attributes, the choice is yours. Your name could go down in the history books!

A Massively Multiplayer Online virtual world, Planet Arkadia is set within Entropia Universe. It is free to join and there are no subscription fees to this Sci-Fi MMORPG, and it has a Real Cash Economy pegged to the US dollar, ensuring the stability and value of the in-world economy. Security is also catered for, with your personalised Gold Card system which provides a unique 6-digit code every time you log in.

Planet Arkadia provides a secure entertainment platform that combines various forms of gaming for an incredible result that will transform your game playing experience.
? Monria is a 3D Cthulhu Mythos MMORPG. Using the advanced, well known CryEngine2 graphic engine, it features beautiful graphics ready to compete with any MMO on the market. Built upon the successful Entropia Universe platform, created and maintained by Swedish developer Mindark, established back in 2003, Monria has a real cash economy environment, in which players may buy in-game currency (PED) with real money that can be redeemed back into U.S. dollars at a fixed exchange rate of 10:1. ?
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Beginners Area Calypso Gateway not available Next Island NPE Planet Arkadia NPE ? Basically the entire 'planet' is one beginners areas ?
Areas 29 4 ? ? ? 1 ?
Teleporters [1] 119 113 88 85 42 10 5
Creatures ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Missions [1] 42 252 46 58 89 0 16
Achievements ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Further Info Calypso ROCKtropia Next Island Arkadia Cyrene Toulan Monria
Opinions ? ? ? ? ?

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