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Entropia Universe Genesis

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Genesis is a virtual environment where you can learn the basics of Entropia Universe and socialize with other new arrivals before you continue on your journey to an Entropia Universe planet. It has been introduced originally in VU 11.6 and received a few upgrades. Initially only an Entropia Universe wide Genesis was available (see below), meanwhile planet-specific versions exist

Planet Calypso Genesis[edit]

Planet Calypso Beginner's Flow: Genesis >>> Crystalline Cavern >>> Calypso Gateway >>> Camp Icarus >>> Port Atlantis

Planet Calypso Genesis is a customized version of Entropia Universe Genesis and can be seen at the beginning of the video below, the next destination after Calypso Genesis: Crystalline Cavern.

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Planet Arkadia Genesis[edit]

Please note that Planet Arkadia has a customized version of Genesis: Arkadia Genesis.

Entropia Universe Genesis[edit]

From the release notes: "We now introduce Genesis. This is a small client (around 300MB) where new account holders can enter the virtual environment and learn the basics of Entropia Unvierse while the the next destination is downloaded in the background. Genesis includes a few quick tutorials and short quests aimed at newcomers. This is where CharDef (Avatar Customization) is placed now and the new account holders can also try different garments on and chat with other avatars. Note: We have increased the variation possibilities for newly created avatars' appearances. Therefore, in a coming release, we will give all current participants the opportunity to customize their avatar appearance again."

Hanne|SDS: "Genesis is a platform startroom, a sort of lounge for the newcomers to stay in while the planet of choice downloads in the background. There's chardef there, movement&camera tutorials and some simple quests. But Genesis doesn't have any profession quests or detailed tutorials like the Gateway, where you can try out Calypso's focus professions. Its one big building, you can't go outside and there's no creatures there."

Arrival at Genesis[edit]

This video is showing Genesis and some options available there.
However, it is NOT recommended to follow the decisions taken in this video. You should NOT skip tutorials and you should take the time to explore all options and dialogues with NPC, complete the missions available there and customize the look of your avatar BEFORE leaving Genesis via the Teleporter. You will NOT be able to go back to Genesis and do what you have left out there.
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Genesis Missions[edit]

Mission:Helping the barista[edit]

Mission:Finding the teleporter[edit]

Avatar Customization[edit]

Make sure you go through the avatar customization process. Changing gender is only available at Gensis and after leaving Genesis changing your avatar is only possible as a service offered by other players for money.

Leaving Genesis[edit]

Before leaving Genesis it's recommeded to make sure you have completed all missions available at Genesis and clicked through the dialogues of all NPCs to get to know the very basics. Also make sure you have customized your avatar.

Optional: Choose a Planet[edit]

If you have registered your account via the website of a specific planet you will be automatically send to that planet. But if you have registered your account via the official Entropia Universe website you need to choose a planet before leaving Genesis.

This decision is the most crucial for a beginner since the different Planets might greatly vary in aspesct important for you and you will probably not be able to switch planets without difficulties and additional costs. It is recommended to investigate which planet best suits your taste. For a start you might want to read Choosing a Planet to start on that features a basic planet comparison.

Next Destination[edit]

Depending on what Planet you created your account with or what planet you choose when leaving Gateway you will be teleported to one of the following destinations respectively sets of content:

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