Genesis (Planet Calypso)

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Planet Calypso beginners flow:


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Monria Beginner's Flow: Genesis > Crystalline Cavern > Calypso Gateway > Monria Hub

Calypso Genesis[edit]

Genesis is the place in game where new players of Planet Calypso (or Monria) start their journey. It features 2 NPCs, one briefly introducing the player to their current situation and one offering a few very basic and optional tutorials. Running through the area it can easily be completed it in half a minute but it's recommended to interact with the NPCs and go through the tutorials. Also the area can only be left after the download of the next area (Crystalline Cavern has been finished.

Planet Calypso Genesis is a customized version of Entropia Universe Genesis and can be seen at the beginning of the video below, the next destination after Calypso Genesis: Crystalline Cavern.




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