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Planet Calypso beginners flow:

Monria Beginner's Flow: Genesis > Crystalline Cavern > Calypso Gateway > Monria Hub

Half Moon Bay[edit]

Half Moon Bay (HMB) is the location on Planet Calypso mainland where new players can go immediately after leaving the Calypso Gateway tutorial area and arriving at Camp Icarus.

Coming from Calypso Gateway you should arrive at Camp Icarus on a landing platform, facing north you should see Captain Saana and a dialogue window should open with the tracking mission "Welcome to Camp Icarus!". The mission informs you that Captain Saana wants to talk to you, so walk to her and talk to her. At the end of the following dialogue with Captain Saana you should absolutely choose to go to Half Moon Bay and only return to Camp Icarus later in the game.

What to do at and around Half Moon Bay[edit]

On first arrival at Half Moon Bay you should see Sergeant Zobenis who is the mission giver for the first mission at Half Moon Bay. After complition it suggests to see Captain Hera left of the entry of the outpost building as she offers a series of new player missions. Alternatively you can do exactly the same missions with the same rewards at Camp Icarus but it is recommended to do them at Half Moon Bay as this is considered the newer and better designed version of the missions. You cannot do these missions at Half Moon Bay AND Camp Icarus, you can do them just once at either Half Moon Bay or Camp Icarus.

Facilities at Half Moon Bay[edit]

The Half Moon Bay Teleporter can be found at [63377,87513,124]. Make sure to collect it (by getting close to it) so you can use it as a teleport destination in future.

Instances at and around Half Moon Bay[edit]

The Gauntlet

Missions at and around Half Moon Bay[edit]

Half Moon Bay is the recommended location for doing the Planet Calypso beginners missions. These are the first mission chains you should do after finishing Calypso Gateway and your arrival on Planet Calypso.

Welcome to Half Moon Bay[edit]

The mission "Welcome to Half Moon Bay!" should start with the popup of a dialogue window as soon as you approach the landing platfrom at... It suggest to talk to ... who's located just a couple of meter ... of the landing platform.

No One Likes Frogs[edit]

Kill 5 Tripudion

Captain Hera beginners mission chain[edit]


Security Grid Maintenance[edit]


Missing in Action[edit]


Blow Them All To Hell[edit]


Bukin Beginner Mission Chain[edit]

The Trophy Hunt[edit]

Acquire 5 Berycled Trophies and 10 Caudatergus Trophies for Aila Bukin. Both creatures can be found West of the Half Moon Bay teleporter.

Once More Into The Wild[edit]

Acquire 5 Daikiba Trophies for Aila Bukin. These can be found further north of the Caudatergus outside Camp Icarus.

Big Game Hunting[edit]

Hunt down and kill the L5 Starving Atrax. It can be found 400 meters South and up a hill from the Half Moon Bay teleporter.

Professor Birch Beginner Mission Chain[edit]

To Agir[edit]

Go to Agir.

Fertile Waters[edit]

• Retrieve a bag of fertilizer.
• Locate the missing boat. It can be found at [62012, 89117, 101].
• Return to Professor Birch at Agir.

A Sensitive Find[edit]

• Investigate the sensor at [62209, 88335, 201].
• Return to Professor Birch at Agir.

Guardian of the Paranoid[edit]

• Patrol the surrounding area. (These will be tracked on the minimap.)

   • Western Waypoint
   • Southwestern Waypoint
   • Southern Waypoint
   • Southeastern Waypoint
   • Eastern Waypoint

Washed Up[edit]


Creatures around Half Moon Bay[edit]

Wave events[edit]


Regular spawns[edit]

Bristlehog Pup

Maps and locations[edit]

Camp Agir is a very small outpost and the hub for a beginners mission chain given by NPC Professor Birch.


Beyond Half Moon Bay[edit]

Recommendations for activities and places to go after "finishing" the greater Camp Icarus area.




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