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The Gauntlet is a series of new player instances (Gauntlet Stage I and Gauntlet Stage II) on Planet Calypso with an entry at Camp Icarus.

How to start The Gauntlet[edit]

As soon as you are approching the Camp Icarus outpost building east of Port Atlantis, for example by arriving there from Calypso Gateway, a dialogue window will pop up informing you about the existence of The Gauntlet. It also offers to add a waypoint to the Gauntlet Organizer NPC to you map, if you accept you will also get the mission Gauntlet Directions which serves as a mere tracker for the waypoint.

The Gauntlet Organizer can be found in front of the Camp Icarus outpost building at ~???,???,???.

The Gauntlet Stage I[edit]

  • really simple
  • beginner-friendly
  • ~ 7900m2 size
  • usually less than 10 minutes to finish
  • no time limit
  • trade and repair terminal inside
  • 1 end boss
  • special very low level versions of robot enemies such as Drones, Defenders and Warriors
  • access to end boss only after destroying 2 generators located in NE and NW corner of the instance
  • both generators are guarded by one L7 Gauntlet Warrior each
  • some rooms are proteced with Laser Barriers


  • do the instance in a team of 2, best with a friend
  • make sure you have healing tools
  • study the map

<map goes here>


  • one enemy at a time, one after another
  • keep the distance to enemies, they have a low aggression level
  • "kill" the Laser Barriers before you run through because they do deal damage when still functional
  • don't waste ammo on Proximity Mines
  • the order in which you destroy the generators doesn't matter
  • loot the L4 Drones you've killed
  • if you want to save on healing tool decay you can just wait and regenerate naturally

Ending and rewards[edit]

The instance ends with killing the end boss Lord Charon.

The rewards for the first time finishing are a Vivo S10 and 1 Daily Token. For further runs the reward is only 1 Daily Token.

An exit teleporter to Camp Icarus is located just a few meters away from the end boss.

The Gauntlet Stage II[edit]


The requirement for access to Stage II is finishing Stage I at least once.

Ending and rewards[edit]

The Gauntlet History[edit]

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