The infamous avatar update....

Discussion in 'Entropia Platform' started by Wistrel, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Wistrel

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  2. Well i saw a picture on turbo squid website, My guess is no its not the official avatar system upgrade image but might loot a lot like that picture who knows ? I wish MA upgrade to DX11.
  3. Here is hoping it is, but I doubt it. They probably don't want to say because its from a different game.
  4. GeorgeSkywalker

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    It's probably a picture of the avatar system from a few months back. Once It does come online it'll be much better because softy may look like this:

    121-monster_cartoon-paintings.jpg :)

    Yup I still think we may have more options for avatar customisation e.g. alien lifeforms?
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  5. The only rumor I have to add which of course could be old news is that the new system requires all clothes to be redone and one very notable Planet Partner is hard at work redoing all his planet cloths for the update.
  6. Nor Alien

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    OH GOD YES PLEASE!!! :loveshower::thumbup:
  7. Well aren't you the smooth talker!
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  8. Nor Alien

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  9. Wistrel

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    Cloths? or clothes?

    Well I was hoping with Cyrene wanting mechs that the new system would essentially support some sort of translation of movement into different models. ie a mech or as is suggested, another entity entirely... I always liked the idea of being able to "play as a mob" - just as a fun aside. Mainly cause I like the idea that when hunting a seemingly all AI driven bunch of mobs - it would be a laugh if one was player controlled. Would make it way harder to kill I think. ie imagine player controlled robots! very hard to take down if they don't simply charge you I'd think ;)


    PS for those that were not around for vu8->9 transition. ALL clothes were remade and armour. many were remade to be nothing like the original. (which really pissed a lot of people off). Some got better though and increased in value. others became worthless.

    Kinda hope they don't do the same again.
  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    It could be MA have something really quite cutting edge up their sleeve, hence keeping VERY quiet about it.

    Perhapse they are hoping to Wow the world with something amazing? I dunno... I won't hold my breath though haha

  11. Nor Alien

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    LOL lets hope so. :biggrin:

    As for the clothes, my jeans turned out well after the update. I remember alot of people saying that their clothes were worse then before, but I can't remember what styles.
  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I had a dark strife jacket that came out more black than it used to be and hence rocketed in value.... wouldn't sell it though

    lot of other things I didn't like. Lot of armour I didn't like
  13. Hi,

    can't help fearing we'll end as a more detailed crossbreed of this, that and that, requiring only a small server farm, fiber-connected multi-SLI and combined gigazillions GB's of GFx memory, to render the game with more than 10 FPS ...

    Have fun!
  14. Wistrel

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    gee thanks for that...
  15. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Well we still haven't heard anything from MA... so... any theories on why? It just seems a little strange even for them... I mean that we've heard nothing but rumors that an ava update is even coming. I'd still say this either spells something utterly amazing or something truely sub-standard that MA are really struggling with...

    The "big advertising push" that MA have talked about, they have said this is on hold till the ava update which makes sense and also implies that the new avatar system is something they are really going to want to show off.

    I don't know, I just figured by now there would be at least "some" sort of sneak peak or something... seems odd they have said so little. Assuming the planet partners know something I guess? But it seems the cyrene guys are clueless about when Mech's are likely to be possible... there has been a mech in a hangar for some time now... will we ever be able to move it?

    Just a bit of musing

  16. Wistrel

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  17. NotAdmin

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  18. GeorgeSkywalker

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    Some good questions. I'd venture a guess that everything points to there being some big changes ahead. I doubt planet partners are not aware of it but rather making a co-ordinated effort in what info they release and at what time.

    The avatar update would require a rework of armours, clothes etc. Which PP's are probably all working on. As this is probably an extensive task to update all these items, it's probably what's slowing release of the avatar update.

    Logically mechs would come after an avatar update as they are likely to be developed for the updated avatars.

    I'd also guess it's not an ordinary avatar update but may have some extra features e.g. tattoos. Not sure what all those features could be but may include sitting on ground, addition dance moves etc.
  19. Nor Alien

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    I would also add that this could be a complete update of even how other things look. They may have just turned on other atributes like Direct X 10 or above. This could make the whole system look alot better. I can only hope! :biggrin:

    Glad I got a new vid card!! :smile:
  20. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

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