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  1. New Avatar-System Info & FAQ

    The upcoming Version Update 14.0 includes an exciting new avatar system. Before the release, we’d like to share some information about the new avatar system to prepare participants for the upcoming improvements and changes. Some of the info in this Entropia Universe Buzz article was shared a few days ago in our press release, but we have included it here for those participants who may have missed it the first time around.

    First, a quick overview of the new avatar system and then some answers to questions that existing participants may have about how the upcoming changes will be implemented in VU 14.0.

    The new avatar system will bring Entropia Universe to the forefront of graphics technology in an MMO with highly detailed and fully customizable new avatars. The new avatars are significantly enhanced with over twice as many polygons as their predecessors for surprising fidelity. All character textures have been heightened as well, with faces becoming four times more detailed. Bilateral asymmetry is now a key factor in making distinctive creations as tattoos, scars and makeup no longer need to be even on both sides; and even hair has been improved so that it now moves and bounces naturally. Additionally all avatar animations have seen improvements so they move more fluidly, with clothes and armor redone to better fit the new models. This all allows for a much richer user experience as players' in-game representations will now be much more engaging and realistic.

    To add to the gameplay the avatars not only look better, but they have been optimized for better performance on all machines as well. While overhauling the creation system to introduce the high-fidelity models the developers also took the time to work on the basic user interface. They made it far easier to customize a unique character so players can explore the world as anyone they wish. The new system also improves the handling of different races to better represent players and their backgrounds. The team also included pre-set appearances to allow for faster entry into the game if a player doesn't want to spend the time on their avatar. Upon release of the new avatar system all existing users will get a chance to re-customize their look for free.

    What are some of the best features of the new avatar creation interface? The new avatar creation interface has many useful features to help you create a huge range of avatar looks. The most useful feature might well be the history slider, which allows you to undo recent changes and revert to an earlier version. Also, the large number of built-in presets for each customization section offer great starting points for creating amazingly detailed and beautiful avatars.

    Will avatars look the same after update? No. Upon logging in after the VU 14.0 release, every avatar will be presented with a dialog box allowing them to enter the new avatar creation system. If a participant declines the avatar recreation offer, a random avatar look will be generated and used until the participant chooses to define their own custom avatar look.

    Will all beauty options and hair styles be available in the new avatar creation system? Yes, initially. Many participants are very attached to their Entropia Universe avatars and it’s important to give active participants an opportunity to recreate their preferred avatar appearance in the new system. After exiting the new avatar creation process, however, any further alterations or refinements to one’s avatar will need to be performed by skilled body sculptors and hairstylists within Entropia Universe.

    Will new avatars created after the VU 14.0 release have access to all beauty options and hair styles? Yes, but only for a short time. Some of the more advanced looks and options will be restricted in a following release.

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  2. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Ok after reading this I am very optimistic about this update!!!! :geek:
  3. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    come on update!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! :lam:
  4. Butch C

    Butch C Tamer (FU MA)

    Fail... great detail in the avatar building area, i was really impressed and was enjoying the building of my avatar but then i logged in and all the great detail was gone.. yes it looked a bit different than before the update but nothing like the detail in the avatar building area.

    If i chose white for my skin then white it should be not baby shit brown, then once in game all hell started to break loose as far as graphics, hair dissapeared then i went totally black and looked liek a low polygon man then everyone else looked the same so some serious issues going on for sure.

    MA you've done it again, you must be so proud? Does anyone ever get the sack over there or is it all family?
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