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Release Date::2002/10/25
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stability and bug fix patch mostly
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Late October 2002

"We released a patch in late October, version 3.9. This was a stability and bug fix patch mostly. For those new users out there who aren.t familiar with its contents, the most significant changes are listed below:

  • A new avatar creation screen (new look required, but you get to keep your skills/ inventory).
  • Infamous "deadshell" bug is fixed.
  • Quickkey update - if you choose a function key that is not assigned, your currently equipped tool/weapon is unequipped.
  • All newly arrived colonists will have the same brand of clothes.
  • The item positions in the inventory are saved and not rearranged every time an item is moved/merged/split.
  • New special effects involving death and revival.
  • More sounds all over the board.
  • Balancing done in the hunting, mining and crafting sections.
  • Enhanced blueprint books.
  • New Request Interface added.
  • Updated Trade Terminal and Shops stock.
  • More items added to the world.
  • Improved support for some older video cards.
  • Many creatures now carry more items and less actual money.
  • The creatures of Calypso have moved around.
  • Enhanced PvP Chat added.
  • The Crafting process has been tweaked."

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