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The Harbinger Event is the current Robot Event following Robot Menace 2010.

"A person or thing that foreshadows or foretells the coming of someone or something." (Wiktionary: harbinger)

According to official announcements the Harbinger Event will feature new enemies, new missions, new environments, new rare and valuable items and the end of the event will be determined by the players.

The event "will take place from November 9th until early December" (-> press release). It features several temporary missions only available until November 30th.

click to enlarge

General Information[edit]

  • New loot distribution feature: Shared Loot
    For the Harbinger Event a new loot distribution feature has been added: Shared Loot. No matter whether you are in team or not the loot is distributed like known from "Damage: Stack Share". The feature is currently only enabled for Steel Bird Elites.


Further reports:

  • Epsilon, Digamma, Eta, Zeta, Iota reported West of North Space Base
  • West of Medusa
  • "Easy ones" reported East of Ithaca
  • North of Fort Fury
  • East of Fort Itaca

There are reports about further Elite spwans around Fort Zeus, Livas and Limnadian District.

Note: Due to a bug Steel Bird Elites didn't count for the Steel Bird Iron Challenge Missions. This has been fixed with CR2010.6.1


Steel Bird Mission Chain (3)[edit]

Note: Due to a bug Steel Bird Elites didn't count for the Steel Bird Iron Challenge Missions. This has been fixed with CR2010.6.1

File:Moblist thumb steelbird.png Steelbird Mission Chain * New
Mission Name Start Location Broker Name Objective Reward
Iron Challenge: 50 Steelbirds * New Port Atlantis

(Level 2 of the Genesis Star Tower)

Colonel Briers at (61439, 75136, 293) Kill 50 Steel Birds + 1 Skills thumb agility.jpg Agility
Iron Challenge: 250 Steelbirds Kill 250 Steel Birds + 1 Skills thumb strength.jpg Strength
Iron Challenge: 1000 Steelbirds Kill 1000 Steel Birds Choice between


Hadesheim Crater[edit]

The Hadesheim Crater has been redesigned. More impressions in the images an videos section.

Launch Silos can be found at:

  • Launch Silo (NE): 62613, 84311
  • Launch Silo (east): 62648, 84211
  • Launch Silo (SE): 62533, 84064
  • Launch silo (NW): 62124, 84433
  • Launch silo (SW): 62020, 84255

Robot Codes[edit]

Info on how to decode them: Decoding Robot Messages

Code given by shelly.nakajima during the mission Bad news! I'm back! decoded by aia


You were no (sic!) supposed to see this
Prepare for collection

Code given by shelly.nakajima after the mission Bad news! I'm back! decoded by aia


Collection apparently aborted prematurely

Images and Videos[edit]

Comparison: The new Hadesheim Crater and the old Hadesheim

The New Hadesheim Crater The Old Hadesheim


Video by RAZER Video by RAZER
- -
Typhon Unearthed

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Video by AlphaGeek. More pages with videos: Category:Pages with video


2010-12-09 EBN: Harbingers neutralized![edit]

EBN: At a press conference in Port Atlantis, Colonel Briers stated that the Harbinger threat has been neutralized. The factory built in the wreckage of War Titan Typhon is still in the Hadesheim crater, but the pod launch system is no longer operational.The sabotage operations, conducted by drafted colonists, were “98.9 percent successful” and the system was “effectively rendered inoperational”. Thus, Harbingers cannot be deployed by the robots.Colonel Briers noted that the launch system managed to circumvent the defense turrets at several locations, but that these surgical strikes would no longer be possible. “No one would be safe if even one of the launch silos would remain operational” he stated.Intelligence operations in Hadesheim crater will continue as well as preemptive strikes at the robot factory.Colonel Briers also stated that the community of code breakers had greatly assisted the defense against the Harbingers and brought vital information about the progress of the sabotage missions. He conveyed his gratitude to the many volunteers that collected information, cracked robot codes, infiltrated the factory, sabotaged the pod silos and defended the cities of Calypso, especially during the last days when robots pushed the weakened launch system to strike at Twin Peaks and Fort Ithaca.The colonel refused to answer a direct question whether there was any collaboration between CDF and the infamous RX Units, saying only “no comments”.


Strike teams have managed to sabotage and destroy the Harbinger deployment system! The robots’ advance has been halted dead in its track, despite Steelbirds and Harbingers. However, the robot factory in the Hadesheim crater has not been destroyed, and intelligence and strike operations aimed at the crater will continue. Colonists that have not yet signed up as CDF contractors can contact Colonel Briers in the Needle Tower in Port Atlantis.

2010-12-03 Intercept[edit]

Entropia Universe time: 2010-12-ß3 xx:xx:xx

Intercept: 0xFE131CC68E313B5FADDB2EB55FBDED7666D
Intercept: 0xF922F2D5A35E35FBDE6872AF65E1AD6FFC7
Intercept: 0xAB7A56759F5E59908D26E65ECEFD3
Intercept: 0xEEA6DADB66B


Intercept: updateonhumancounteroffensive
Intercept: launchsystemcollapseimminent
Intercept: responsestrikeithacanow
Intercept: endofline

* Decoding Robot Messages

2010-11-29 Intercept[edit]

Entropia Universe time: 2010-11-29 08:xx:xx

Intercept: 0xFE131CC68E313B5FADDB2EB55FBDED7666D
Intercept: 0x5480F630FFF7FCDD97CC6F94660EEDE155BB
Intercept: 0xCB55FBB498FFFE
Intercept: 0xEEA6DADB66B


update on human counteroffensive
damage level point eight nine three
kernel panic
end of line

* Decoding Robot Messages

2010-11-25 Intercept[edit]

Entropia Universe time: 2010-11-25 13:29:00

Intercept: 0xAB6ED5632D57DFDA989AE9F660ADA1C7DAB259F
Intercept: 0xF2FB9BA5CD597C71DEB5E3
Intercept: 0xF3969AC4B5BE26039F35B76ABE8360FFAD7E7
Intercept: 0xEEA6DADB66B


report assassination attempt failed
suggest new strategy
strike port atlantis from lz pa east

* Decoding Robot Messages

2010-11-25 Intercept[edit]

Entropia Universe time: 2010-11-25 08:43:00

Intercept: 0xFE131CC68E313B5FADDB2EB55FBDED7666D
Intercept: 0x5480F630FFF7FCDD97CEDBFFB82C1BAB336F
Intercept: 0x74A2FE607EAFBFFC8D7E31E64EB07B6AFEFDCA531
Intercept: 0xAB5D8DD2F8A3959577BA86DE6AC0B56845053EC0
Intercept: 0xAB5D8DD2EC2BD8922E
Intercept: 0x56DF366B2D57DFDA9FB4F25C57F83B5BF22417B47A0EB985 3B355FBF7
Intercept: 0x5AD1569BD3DF6844F7DE3EF6B9B8E5BFD91
Intercept: 0xEEA6DADB66B


update on human counter offensive
damage level point five eight five
counter measures partially effective
request liquidation of human organizer
request approved
deploy assassin target colonel james sebastian briers
diversionary strike camp phoenix
end of line

* Decoding Robot Messages

2010-11-24 Intercepts[edit]

Intercept: 0xFE131CC68E313B5FADDB2EB55FBDED7666D
Intercept: 0x5480F62FA8BED7D4F967E07EE67F1A76DD37FAEBB3F565FF36FB5B7FF7
Intercept: 0xAB5D8DD2E17B02BFEB

Intercept: 0xAB7A56759E5137F9A5B6463FDE368F
Intercept: 0xEEA6DADB66B


Intercept: update on human counter offensive
Intercept: damage to harbinger launch system at point four one five
Intercept: request response

Intercept: response pummel puny humans
Intercept: end of line

2010-11-23 Intercepts[edit]

Intercept: 0xAB6ED564DDF3F4E769F301BCFF368D69F7
Intercept: 0x5480F62CEAF11978BA69315D95BF6AFACA2F8A46DED9F
Intercept: 0x5480F630FFF7FCDD97CFF7ECB058376E71DF3

Intercept: 0xAB5D8DD2E17B02BFEB
Intercept: 0xEEA6DADB66B

Decrypted by aia:

Report human counter offensive
Damage sustained to harbinger launch system
Damage level .088

Request response
End of line

2010-11-23 New Missions[edit]

The Federal Empire Strikes Back![edit]

mission available from 11/23 to 11/30 Enter Crater

Destroy 200 robots.

The Spanner In The Works[edit]

Sabotage launch silos (5)

Completing the spanner mission gets you the Operation Hammerhead Diploma (1 PED TT):

Operation Hammerhead Diploma 03.jpg

2010-11-23 EBN: CDF Strikes Back[edit]

"EBN News: In a special press meeting this morning, Colonel Briers announced a change of strategy. “So far, our operations have been focused on defense and investigation; to safeguard our fragile society and investigate the threat. That strategy is now at an end. We will now take the fight to the enemy!”

Colonists who have previously helped in the investigation and defense can talk to Colonel Briers at the Needle Tower in Port Atlantis to be briefed about the new strategy."

Forum thread: EBN: CDF Strikes Back

2010-11-19 Intercepts[edit]

Intercept: 0x286F6F66F4FBFF6BBAB74C64BE87
Intercept: 0x5692DD9BD3C927EEB5AA7EA7E5EA377F86AB7EC0D639F7
Intercept: 0x2C9A9336AB59568EDBA76EB3F15F6BEFAB2AD29875EF

Intercept: 0xB7DA7DBEC3DDE6AF
Intercept: 0xEEA6DADB66B

Decrypted by aia:

Intercept: Operation plan as follows
Intercept: Deception Cape Corinth fifteen zero zero UTC
Intercept: Objective Fort Argus fifteen zero five UTC

Intercept: Acknowledged
Intercept: Endofline

2010-11-17 Robot forces flood Calypso[edit]

It seems like today, the 17th November, the robos have flooded large parts of Calypso. Have a look at the photos below. The situation is similar almost everywhere on the planet.

Please report on the situation at other places in this thread: The Flood!

2010-11-16 EBN News[edit]

"Harbinger attacks, robot code not cracked

EBN News: Harbingers are attacking Zychion Citadel, Nymphtown and Jason Centre. An encrypted robot message was intercepted this morning, but so far it has not been decrypted. It is likely that the message was intended to coordinate the attacks, but Colonel Briers thinks that it may have a hidden purpose."
Forum Thread: EBN: Harbinger attacks, robot code not cracked

2010-11-16 Intercepts[edit]

Intercept: 0xB69F9CD3768C4ED78DF2CD7D0A031FF6D590E7
Intercept: 0xF2FB9BA5FE5DC3D4C5222ED5943AC872D549AF

Intercept: 0xB42FBB65FF7
Intercept: 0xC22F36CBF6821D27D66EDEF18CD9AD530D56C599
Intercept: 0xEEA6DADB66B

Decrypted by aia, Serica, Tamlin:

Intercept: analysis human economy still strong
Intercept: suggest deep strike to disrupt trade

Intercept: approved
Intercept: target twin peaks thirty zero zero utc
Intercept: end of line

2010-11-11 Commentary by BxRabbitx[edit]

Harbinger Event Part 2

A small summary and some comments on the Harbinger event so far.

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Video by Larkin/BxRabbitx Gaming.. Find more of Larkin's video and further info in this thread:BxRabbitx's Gaming/Commentary Youtube Channel

2010-11-11 Planet Calypso Content Release 2010.6.1[edit]

Harbinger arrived (click to enlarge)

Release Notes:



RESETTLEMENT UPDATE Colonel Briers has shifted focus of the robot task force. The cooperation with CFA to strike against the Steel birds will continue, but operations now also include investigation of the pods that have landed all over Eudoria. Contact Colonel Briers in the Needle Tower in Port Atlantis if you are willing and able to assist.


  • The story missions are now open and available from Colonel Briers in the Needle Tower of Port Atlantis.
  • Todd Hamlish in Camp Phoenix has a mining challenge.
  • The Shared Loot feature is used for Steel Bird Elite and Harbinger spawns in this event.


  • Steel Bird Elite now counts towards the Steel Bird Iron Challenge.

Forum Thread: Calypso News - MA: Content Release 2010.6.1

2010-11-10: EBN: Summit Meeting, Steel Bird Locations[edit]

EBN: Summit Meeting, Steel Bird Locations
Harbinger Event EBN News 10 Nov.jpg
EBN: CDF has issued a warning that Steel Bird Elites have been spotted at or around the following areas: Hadesheim crater, Jason Centre, Fort Ares, Jurra Plateau, Zephyrus, Isslye, Tukar, Eos and East Scylla Mountain. Colonists in those areas are advised to take proper precautions.

EBN has reports that CDF held a special summit meeting in Port Atlantis earlier today. Colonel Briers, the CDF officer in charge of the Hadesheim Task Force, was seen while making his way to the alleged meeting, escorting several individuals from an unregistered VTOL to the meeting and back. The agenda of the meeting has not been made public, nor has the guest list; in fact, CDF will only confirm that there has been a summit meeting and that they have an open mind with regards to the current situation

Forum Thread: EBN: Summit Meeting, Steel Bird Locations

2010-11-09: Planet Calypso Content Release 2010.6[edit]

Highlight Images[edit]

Harbinger Event CR2010-06 Highlight Image 01.jpg

Release Notes[edit]

09 Nov 2010 10:05 UTC




Recent attacks by Steelbirds, the new flying robot model, proved only to be the beginning. We can now reveal that the robots in utmost secrecy have refitted and retooled the wreckage of the War Titan Typhon that crashed into Hadesheim six years ago into a base for their operations.

Satellite surveillance was blanked momentarily by electro-magnetic pulses from Hadesheim, and as they came back online, infrared photography revealed new structures under the cloud cover of the crater. Some of them were active, launching objects in suborbital mid-range trajectories on Eudoria.

Colonel Briers in Port Atlantis has confirmed that CDF and CFA will cooperate to take the fight to the Steelbirds. He also hinted that CDF is developing a strategy to investigate the crater and the mysterious drops over Eudoria, but as they are unfinished, CDF does not want to reveal them at the moment.


Hadesheim crater redesigned: We’ve redesigned the Hadesheim crater for the event. You will experience an entirely new crater, including Camp Phoenix and the outpost north of the crater. Most of the story related missions are centered around the crater.

New missions: We have 17 new missions for this release, among them a seasonal Iron Challenge, a permanent Iron Challenge, a mining challenge and some missions related to the story of the Harbinger event. All missions will not be available at once. At first there will only be the Iron Challenges. A set of story related missions will open on November 11th, and a few more that concludes the event will open on November 23rd. Some missions (but not all) will close on November 30th as the event closes. If a mission is limited to certain dates, it will be stated clearly in the mission’s description.

Colonel Briers in the needle tower in Port Atlantis is the contact for the Steelbird Iron Challenge and the story missions. Todd Hamlish in Camp Phoenix will hand out the mining challenge, and Fritz Feldgast at Cape Corinth will hand out the Eviscerator Iron Challenge.

Shared loot: We have a new feature that allows us to share loot from event mobs. The feature, if activated, splits loot among everyone that inflicted damage on the mob similarly to the rule “Damage: Stack share”. Team loot rules are ignored for these mobs.

We have activated shared loot on Steel Bird Elite spawns for this event.


Fixed a few terrain issues. Fixed floor numbering of the televator in Port Atlantis Mall Natural creature spawn issues fixed.


Platform release notes

8 Nov 2010: Code given by RX 471[edit]

Harbinger Event RX 471 Blog Hadesheim death.jpg
throw exception("emergency");
define discussion = New exception(attachment.image) {
encryption = "none";
sender = unit(471);
recipients = "mindcloud(RX)";
type = "death";                                                           
assessment = "serious";                                                           
origin = attachment.image;
meta.text = "for your information";
priority = "important";

unit(474).reply = "wtf??!";
unit(474).reply = if (identity(image.subjects["female"]) == shelly.nakajima) {
possibility = New entry("technology");
possibility.append("biological/quantumnet interface");
possibility.append("stolen from RX");

unit(479).reply = database.robots(possibility.agree());
unit(479).proposition(database.robots(possibility) -> recipients.comnet(human));


unit(479).reply(comnet(human).prediction = recipients.include(human) ? relation(human).suspicion -- : relation(human).suspicion ++);

unit(474).reply = !concur(unit(479).reply);

unit(471).reply = concur(unit(479).reply);

query_reveal = New vote() {
recipients.comnet(human).append(prototype exclusive vote.cast.aye());
recipients.comnet(human).append(prototype exclusive vote.cast.nay());
on vote.conclusion(database.robots(possibility) -> recipients.comnet(human)) -> stdout();

> true;

query_reveal.result -> stdout();

> aye = 97%
> nay = 3%


Decoded by Keira Gypsy Croft:








2010-11-03 Harbinger Event Sneak Peek[edit]


Forum thread discussing the teaser Harbinger Teaser

2010-11-02 EBN: Ominous Surveillance Photo[edit]

EBN: Ominous Surveillance Photo
After a mere day of investigating the recent Robot movements, the Task force with Colonel Briers at the lead have come across what they think may be a break in the case.

Report says that late last night a concerned colonist handed over a new device, which had been extracted from a Steelbird near the Hadesheim crater.
After careful examination of the device, CDF were able to extract some information in the form of a photograph.

The Task force is now focused on identifying the structure pictured.

Forum thread: EBN: Ominous Surveillance Photo

- The picture name: jbhsngr1wzvl1wtb6k4vwx9u0fm20h0.jpg

- The code on the bottom right: 0x691940AF205958713CE5E87277

Decoded by aia:

- status rtb [= return to base]

- final approach [= landing]

Conclusion: The Steel Birds try to return to and land on a base in the Hadesheim Crater: War Titan Typhon.

2010-11-01 EBN: Task force on Robot Sightings[edit]

EBN: Task force on Robot Sightings
Colonel Briers.jpg Calypso Defense Forces have assigned a taskforce under the leadership of Colonel Briers to investigate the recent Robot presence, hopefully providing intel that will lead to knowledge about their next move.

“It is almost impossible to stay ahead of the Robots” said Colonel Briers after the announcement of the taskforce at CDF HQ, “We need to get into their heads. Needless to say, it’s a tough job. But with such a strong taskforce of brilliant minds, I remain positive.”

Lately, robots have been on the prowl near Port Atlantis and Billy’s Spaceship Afterworld, but it looks like they are now regrouping outside these newcomer-heavy areas. However new sightings have been made of differing generations of Coordinators, Steelbirds, Defenders and Jamraiders around the Hadesheim Crater. Colonel Briers and the CDF taskforce ask the good colonists of Calypso to stay alert and report any anomalies of robot behavior.

2010-11-01 Stave's Robot War Log[edit]

By Stave

Personal Log: John Stave Petty
Ser Nr:
Rank: Captain
Unit: 1st Bat. Calypso Desert Rangers
Location: Fort Fury CDR HQ

Hello Calypso, this is Stave Petty reporting from Fort Fury, as you may know ive been following the robot war some and i know quite a bit of whats happening here, that being said i have recieved some intelegence from EBN and a source of mine that wishes to stay anon.

As you may or may not know, recently the robots have been exprementing with organic computing in order to evolve and become smarter and invincible, and indeed have carried out a number of tests, i belive those what those tests started are far from over. As we know, new flying robots have began to attack billys spaceship afterworld and a popular party spot down on a island near port atlantis.

As well as this the myserious RX units continue to lurk around, with thier somewhat friendly approach towards us. One has also acctually began reporting on this very site during her investigation into the way humans think.

As we know CDF say they are indeed still enemys and it would be treason to work with them, but there appears to be some kind of cover up going here, as we all know, they were originally manufactured by the exodus space station as soldiers to fight the great war. How they went from that, to enemys we still dont know. Perhaps we will get answers soon.

Well things are about to escalate, my sources tell me something is coming on the 9th of november, what i believe to be the result of the hydra tests. My source that wishes to stay anon has told me he has evidence sugguesting our beloved ex capitol Hadeshiem is going to play a part in all of this.

The source of mine that wishes to stay anon sent me a report, and in thier report they included this rather intresting photograph:

Stave's Robot War Log 01.jpg

The inteligence they provided sugguests the robots that currently are active inside the crater are excavating the hadeshiem ruins, or something of that manner, which will result in the titan of war that crashed and thats left of hadeshiem to rise from the ashes in some from. How legitamate this inteligence is i am unsire at this time, but im sure we will find out very soon.

If this indeed is the case, perhaps they are trying to secure a robot outpost on calypso, a foothold, theyve always been very intrested in that area.

That being said whatevers happening, whatever is being planned, we cant afford the kind of screw up we had during the hydra tests. Yes they are going to try to outsmart us, yes they will play tricks on us to try and beat us. But we need to remember who we are, what side were on. We created this meanace, some virus caused them to turn evil, and its our responsibility as mankind to stop this menace.

stay tuned for any updates during this hard time,

We shall see what is to come

Stave out

2010-10-30 Video and comments[edit]

Harbinger Event Comments

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Video by Larkin. Find more of Larkin's video and further info in this thread:BxRabbitx's Gaming/Commentary Youtube Channel

2010-10-29 Announcement on PCF[edit]

The Harbinger Event
Harbringer PCF Banner.jpg

From November 9th, a major event will be ongoing at Planet Calypso, where your choices will be crucial, since the events ultimate ending is that it will allow the players to determine its outcome. So what will you do?

In this limited time event, which will unfold in several stages, Calypso's colonists will face a new and evolved enemy invading the landscape of Calypso. Under direction from the military, colonists will have to recon, hunt and repel a technologically advanced new nemesis. Is this relentless foe only here to hunt humans, or is it a harbinger for something far worse?

The Harbinger Event will feature new enemies to fight, a gripping storyline complete with new missions, a new environment, and an ending determined by the players. Colonists will be able to participate and find rare and valuable new items during the event. Those who take up the Harbinger challenge will also receive a special diploma from the Calypso Defense Forces documenting their part in the largest battle for survival ever seen on this planet.

2010-10-29 EBN News[edit]

New flying robots strike
EBN News 29 Oct 2010.jpeg
Exodus space station (EBN News): A new kind of flying robot has been sighted near Billy’s Spacehip Afterworld, according to live witness reports on a radio show. The radio broadcast also indicates that there has been an attack on Port Atlantis, but this is as of this moment unconfirmed. EBN has not yet been able to get confirmation from CDF.

Article: STEEL BIRDS - Attack PA & Billy's

More info (stats, images, video,...): Steel Bird

2010-10-29 Press Release[edit]

Planet Calypso Announces The Harbinger Event

GOTEBORG, Sweden, Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- GameBlast -- First Planet Company, developer and publisher of the largest real money Massively Multiplayer Online Game, announced today The Harbinger Event. This major event, which will ultimately allow the players to determine its outcome, will take place from November 9th until early December.

In this limited time event, which will unfold in several stages, Calypso's colonists will face a new and evolved enemy invading the landscape of Calypso. Under direction from the military, colonists will have to recon, hunt and repel a technologically advanced new nemesis. Is this relentless foe only here to hunt humans, or is it a harbinger for something far worse?

The Harbinger Event will feature new enemies to fight, a gripping storyline complete with new missions, a new environment, and an ending determined by the players. Colonists will be able to participate and find rare and valuable new items during the event. Those who take up the Harbinger challenge will also receive a special diploma from the Calypso Defense Forces documenting their part in the largest battle for survival ever seen on this planet. Since Planet Calypso is free to download, anyone can simply download the client and get started defending the world.

First Planet Company is the developer and publisher of Planet Calypso, the oldest planet within the Entropia Universe, the largest real economy Massively Multiplayer Online Game in the world. Players have the ability to participate in a unique virtual world where they have no monthly costs. Its innovative real money economy uses a virtual currency which has a fixed exchange rate with the US dollar. This allows players to deposit and withdraw real funds for their adventures on Calypso or in the real world. Planet Calypso uses a state of the art graphics engine to deliver the highest quality visuals in an MMO today.

Planet Calypso is a free download available at the game's official website, www.planetcalypso.com. Follow Planet Calypso on Facebook here.

About First Planet Company First Planet Company AB is a subsidiary of the MindArk Group. First Planet Company AB develops and markets Planet Calypso, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) based on the Entropia Platform, and is part of the Entropia Universe. Set in a distant future, the planet Calypso is home to an expanding human colony engaged with the natural and economic elements of establishing their new civilization.

For more information on First Planet Company (FPC) and Planet Calypso please contact us at the numbers below or go to our website at http://www.planetcalypso.com. Copyright © 2010 First Planet Company. All Rights Reserved.

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