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More info to be found in Smorble's thread: Steel Bird.
Article reporting on the attacks: STEEL BIRDS - Attack PA & Billy's

EBN News 29 Oct 2010[edit]

New flying robots strike
EBN News 29 Oct 2010.jpeg
Exodus space station (EBN News): A new kind of flying robot has been sighted near Billy’s Spacehip Afterworld, according to live witness reports on a radio show. The radio broadcast also indicates that there has been an attack on Port Atlantis, but this is as of this moment unconfirmed. EBN has not yet been able to get confirmation from CDF.


Steel Bird Invades Calypso

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Video MindStar9 - More info in the article STEEL BIRDS - Attack PA & Billy's

Further Info[edit]


Where to find it[edit]


Damage from Generation 01:

Average of 62.3 with no armour
vigi +6a min. 12.6 max. 41.7
Salamander: 19 to 23 dmg
Salamander +6A: 2.8 to 9.x damage


Steel Bird Generation 01

1620 Health Points (Skills thumb stamina.jpg Stamina = 162 x 100)


  • Robot Low Loss Cable
  • Paint Brown
  • Robot Filter
  • High Definition GUI
  • Robot heat Sinks
  • Interactive Simplifier Component
  • Socket II Component
  • Skildek 40 (L)
  • Hedoc-50 (L)