Swamp Camp

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Swamp Camp[edit]

Swamp Camp is the first major destination for new players outside of Calypso Gateway and Port Atlantis. The mission broker in Port Atlantis offers a mission (Find the Swamp Camp) that directs new players there.

Swamp Camp is populated with Combibo, Creature Daikiba, Berycled, Snablesnots, and Creature Exarosaurs --- all maturities are low and density is manageable by the new player.

Swamp Camp also goes by the moniker of Sweat Camp due to the amount of sweaters there focusing on the Combibo at any point in time. This location is popular for sweating due to the revival terminal being right next to the monster spawns.

Limited mining resources are available at Swamp Camp, common finds are Lysterium and Oil.

Swamp Camp was featured in the first release of EntropiaTimes.[1]

Swamp Camp will part of a major update of the Port Atlantis area during the next VU at the end of September 2010 according to Community Manager Hanne. [2]

Missions at Swamp Camp[edit]

Note: These missions are transcluded from the Iron Challenge page.

Cornundacauda Mission Chain (5)[edit]
File:Moblist thumb cornandacauda.png Cornundacauda Mission Chain
Mission Name Start Location Broker Name Objective Reward
Iron Challenge: 100 Cornundacauda Outpost at the lake North of Port Atlantis (position of old Swamp Camp) Megan Ward Kill 100 Cornundacauda + 1 Skills thumb intelligence.jpg Intelligence
Iron Challenge: 500 Cornundacauda Kill 500 Cornundacauda + 1 Skills thumb psyche.jpg Psyche
Iron Challenge: 1,000 Cornundacauda Kill 1,000 Cornundacauda + 1 Skills thumb agility.jpg Agility
Iron Challenge: 5,000 Cornundacauda Kill 5,000 Cornundacauda 1000 Nova Fragments ???
Iron Challenge: 10,000 Cornundacauda Kill 10,000 Cornundacauda
  • + 1 ???
  • ???



Wrecking a hoverbike in Swamp Camp:



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