Mission:Facing the enemy

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Objective: Complete one of the following objectives[edit]

Clarification: You just need to complete one out of 4 objectives to complete the mission. 3 of them are grouped together since they are all set in the Hadesheim Crater. All in all you can choose between:

  • killing 1 Harbinger anywhere on Calypso, killshot seem to count
  • killing 50 Robots within the Hadesheim crater
  • Investigate the crater launch site, more precisely: Operate the 5 Launch Silos to be found in the crater
  • Infiltrate the Hadesheim crater center, more precisely: Get close to the little factory in the crater center

Further details below.

Objective: Kill one humanoid hybrid creatures anywhere[edit]

Objective: Enter the Hadesheim crater and...[edit]

...kill 50 robots in Hadesheim crater[edit]
...investigate crater launch site[edit]
...Inflitrate the Hadesheim crater center[edit]

Do not die[edit]

Report to Colonel Briers[edit]

Completion and Reward[edit]

There is no reward.

The follow up is Mission:Belly of the beast