Mission:Iron Challenge: 50 Steelbirds

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Mission Chain[edit]

Steel Bird Mission Chain (3)[edit]

Note: Due to a bug Steel Bird Elites didn't count for the Steel Bird Iron Challenge Missions. This has been fixed with CR2010.6.1

File:Moblist thumb steelbird.png Steelbird Mission Chain * New
Mission Name Start Location Broker Name Objective Reward
Iron Challenge: 50 Steelbirds * New Port Atlantis

(Level 2 of the Genesis Star Tower)

Colonel Briers at (61439, 75136, 293) Kill 50 Steel Birds + 1 Skills thumb agility.jpg Agility
Iron Challenge: 250 Steelbirds Kill 250 Steel Birds + 1 Skills thumb strength.jpg Strength
Iron Challenge: 1000 Steelbirds Kill 1000 Steel Birds Choice between