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Portal_Beginners_Icon.png Welcome to the Entropia Universe Beginners Portal! Here you can find regularly updated features, guides, information and tips addressing beginners.
The portal is not limited to the wiki. Another component of the portal is the Beginners Forum and the Tutorials, Guides and Help Forum.

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Don't buy the Settler armor available in the Trade Terminal!

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  • No account created yet? > Account Creation (guide not created yet, please help!)
  • Not downloaded yet? > Downloading (guide not created yet, please help!)
  • Not installed yet? > Installing (guide not created yet, please help!)
  • Can't complete installation or run the game? > Just ask on the forums! (do we need a guide for this?)
  • Avatar Creation? > Creating your avatar (guide needs to be improved, please help!)
  • Arrived at Calypso Gateway? Or City of Dreams? Calypso Gateway (needs an update of NPC locations, please help!) or City of Dreams (needs more detailed info for beginners, please help)
  • Learning the controls? Controlling your avatar and The action library (guide on mapping keys needed, please help)
  • Teleported to Port Atlantis? Map, NPCs, missions, ...: Port Atlantis (missing some missions, please help)
  • Wondering about strange terms in chat and on forum? Maybe you find them on the Entropia Universe Glossary (everyone is invited to add a few)
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Top 10 Popular Missions For Beginners
Find the Swamp Camp22,975
Arrival at Port Atlantis12,215
Gather 20 Vibrant Sweat10,943
The Collector of Fragments9,912
The Veteran's Tale7,595
Service the gun turrets7,282
Check the electronic fence6,002
Understanding Hunting5,353
Crafting 101 part 15,289
Understanding Crafting5,203
... further results
More Missions suitable for beginners | Missions Guide | Calypso Missions Forum
Latest Changes of pages relevant for Beginners
The Berycled Nest wave event27 July 2019 14:28:01
Orientation and movement6 May 2019 00:48:55
Calypso Gateway16 July 2018 16:49:36
The Gauntlet27 June 2018 21:13:16
Genesis (Planet Calypso)25 June 2018 22:11:29
Akbal Sector 225 June 2018 00:09:43
Crystalline Cavern24 June 2018 00:38:29
Hunting 101 lesson 431 March 2017 11:40:25
Mining 101 lesson 231 March 2017 11:39:53
Hunting 101 lesson 131 March 2017 11:39:11
... further results
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