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Akbal Sector 2

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General Info[edit]

  • To enter the instance you need a Robot Beacon that can only be acquired once per avatar at the end of The Gauntlet Stage II.
  • You need to be at least a team of 2 to enter the instance.???
  • You will encounter 200+ Robots, each taking 1-5 Opalo shots to kill.???
  • The boss mob (The Eigth) takes 30-50 Opalo shots to kill.???
  • An organized team shouldn't need more than 20 PED ammo/deacy to complete the mission.???
  • The loot can contain Robot Flare Filters.???
  • There's only one storage container to loot, it is located in the boss mob area.???

For further information about beacon missions please refer to:Beacon Missions.


Jennifers Island Training Beacon Mission Map.jpg


  • Robot Adapter Module
  • Robot Component Residue
  • Robot Flare Filter

Akbal Sector 2 History[edit]

This instance originally was started on Jennifer's Island in the sea south of Port Atlantis at (61324, 74171, 100) where the crashed robot spaceship was serving as an entrance to the instance/beacon mission suitable for low level players and training. For a long time there was no beacon required to enter the instance.



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