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Orientation and movement

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This guide explains how to orientate yourself and move around in Entropia Universe. Before you might want to make yourself familar with the elements of the viewport which are also covered by a part of the Entropia Universe Guide.





You can find out your exact position by pressing P. The position will be displayed in following format in the chat panel: (xxx, xxx, xxx).


Character movment[edit]

Basic movement is most intuitivly and easily controled with the mouse. Pressing and holding both the left and right mouse button lets the avatar run into the direction of the camera which is controled with left or right moves of the mouse.

There also classic WASD movement control:

W Move forward

S Move backward/Towards camera

A Move Left/Strafe Left

D Move Right/Strafe Left

Z - Rotate Left

C - Rotate Right

Space Jump/Move Up

Q Toggle Run/Walk

R Auto Move

1st person vs 3rd person and camera controls[edit]

1st person and 3rd person mode in Entropia Universe are so-called "camera modes". You can easily switch bewtween 1st person and 3rd person with V

V Camera Swap

V [Hold] Activate Photo Camera

Middle Mouse [Hold]: Rotate camera, Release to re-center

Mouse Wheel: Zoom in when in Ready Mode (to scope if available)

Left Shift Toggle Zoom (when available)

Aim mode vs cursor mode[edit]


Combet in aim mode Combat in cursor mode



Other keys[edit]

F1 - F9 - Switches between sets of shortcuts and hotkeys

G - Shows you the keyboard map with the hotkeys to different commands.

I - Brings up the inventory screen, which will contain all the items your avatar has on it. The inventory window is divided into multiple sections in order to logically group different types of items.

H - Brings up a basic Help screen on how to use your mouse in the Entropia Universe.

J - Shows you your FriendList, which enables you to keep track of your ingame friends.

K - Shows you your avatar skill window. Here you can see how you are progressing skill-wise.

L - Allows you to edit the keyboard settings as well as your shortcut bars. We will look more closely at this in another tutorial.

Left ALT - Allows you to target yourself. This can be useful when you want to heal yourself.

M - Shows you a map of the continent you are on.

O - Shows you the Options screen, where you can switch view modes, and configure some basic settings.

P - Will show you the current position of your avatar. This is done using longitude and latitude coordinates. The message is shown in your chat/screen only.

R - Allows your avatar to run into the direction it is facing.

T - T will enable you to be transported to a nearby revival terminal. This is not neccessarily the closest revival terminal, though.

U - Will give you the current system time and date, as well as the time you have been logged in this session. The message is shown in your chat/screen only.

V - Shows or hides your dashboard.

Y - Brings up the action library, which contains a lot of different actions and settings. We will take a more indepth look at the action library in a future tutorial.

Enter - Allows you to chat with other people. Press Enter once, type your message, and press it again to send it.

Esc - Use Escape to quit the Entropia Universe.


While you are in chatmode, you can use the following shortcuts for addressing different people:

/e (event) - Sends a chat message to people participating in the event you're taking part in (if any).

/em (emote) - Starts an emote or gesture.

/l (local) - Sends a message to local chat. This is the default, and you do not actually need to use any prefix for it.

/s (society) - Sends a chat message to people in your society (if any).

/t (team) - Sends a chat message to people in your team (if any).

/tr (trade) - Sends a chat message to the trade channel. The trade channel is used by traders peddling their wares.

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