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Missions Guide

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Missions are the equivalent of what is commonly know as "Quests". Single missions might be part of a mission chain. Missions are usually available from a specific "Quest Giver". To complete a mission you have to accomplish one or more objectives. Usually you get a reward for completing a mission which can be item(s), skills and/or the unlock for another mission.
There are several general types of missions but one mission can include objectives related to each type or even a combination of those.

Exploring Missions[edit]
Overview map of the exploring mission "Scout the Hadesheim crater"

On exploring missions you often have to reach one or more specific positions on the map.
Another example for a common Exploring mission: Scan the Robot's soil samples

Hunting Missions[edit]
Objective and progress of "Iron Challenge: 500 Merp"

On hunting missions you have to kill creatues, often a specific number of at least one specific creatue.
Another example for a common Hunting mission: Iron Challenge: 100 Droka

Missions Chains[edit]

Mission chains are the equivalent of what is commonly know as "Quests Chains".

A mission chain is a sequence of missions that are interdependent. Usually the completion of one mission is the prerequisite to begin the next mission but also branching might occur.

The first mission chain on Entropia Universe was the Swamp Camp Mission Chain introduced in Planet Calypso Content Release 2010-01. The first mission chain featuring branching the Discreet Applicants Mission Chain introduced in Planet Calypso Content Release 2010.2.

Example of a classical Mission Chain: Discreet Applicants Mission Chain

Entropia Universe Mission System[edit]

The mission system of Entropia Universe has been implemented in VU 10.8.0. It is a platform system of the Entropia Universe platform created by Mindark. The mission themselves are created by Planet Partners like First Planet Company for Planet Calypso using the authoring part of the system. Accordingly missions are introduced in planet specific content releases like Planet Calypso Content Release 2010.2 that should have contained 80+ new missions.

Where / How to get missions[edit]

Currently missions are available from Mission Terminal, "Mission Brokers" and various other NPCs. Those entities appear as orange dots on the radar in the lower right corner of the HUD.

The mission terminal in Fort Troy is located at the entry of the service center just northwest of the TP at (80488, 68318, 160).

The mission broker in Port Atlantis is located just southwest of the TP at the ramp to the Event Center at (61470, 75154, 247).

Science Officer Matthew Book is a NPC located at East Scylla Mountains at the entry of the Mobile Service Center just north of the TP.

To start interaction with Mission Terminals, Mission Brokers and NPCs either double-click them or right-click them and choose "Operate" from the menu.

The menu of a mission terminal can display serveral missions, click one to open a dialog.

Dialog with NPC Mr Lyndon

In the dialogue you should at least get a rought idea of what to do in a mission.
At a point in the dialogue you get the chance to accept or to reject the mission.
Rejecting the mission usually has no consequences, you can just re-open the dialogue and then accept the mission.
And if you accepted a mission you can easily abandon it again in the Quest/Mission Log.

Quest/Mission Log[edit]

The Quest/Mission Log contains an overwiew of completed missions, active missions and objectives in active missions.
You can access the Quest/Mission Log by right-clicking somewhere on the screen, choosing "My Avatar" and then "Quest/Mission Log". For easier access it is recommended to key-map the Quest/Mission Log.

Completed Missions

A list of completed missions can be found in the "Completed" tab. Hightlighting one of the completed mission displays a shot info on the right.

Active mission and objectives

In the "Active" tab you can highlight a specific mission and the objectives and the progress are displayed on the right.
Unaccomplished objectives are marked with a little red circle while accomplished objectives are marked with a little green arrow.
For some obejctives the progress is displayed by numbers, for example (10/25) meaning you have already killed 10 creatues of 25 to accomplish the objective.

Tracking mission locations

You can have mission locations displayed on map and radar by selecting the mission in the and click the "Track" button at the bottom of the Quest/Mission Log. A little compass rose behind the mission name marks which mission is currently tracked. The mission locations appear on the map and the radar as flashing circles with the next one to visit being green and the others light blue.

Mission Items[edit]
Mission Item in Quest/Mission Log

Mission items are specific items given to you during a mission.
You can look at them in the Quest/Mission Log but they do not appear in the inventory. Consequently they are not tradeable and a re managed automatically during the mission.

Mission System F.A.Q.[edit]
  • Can I have more than one active mission at the same time? Yes.
  • Can I abandon missions that I have accepted? Yes, in the Quest/Mission Log you can mark the mission under the "Active" tab and click the "Abandon" button is the lower left corner.
  • Can I do hunting missions in team? Yes, but the kill is only counted for the one doing the most damage.[1]

Missions suitable for beginners[edit]

Calypso Gateway Missions[edit]

Calypso Gateway is the area introducing the game to new arrivals. Consequently the missions at Calypso Gateway are designed to fit beginners.

Swamp Camp Mission Chain[edit]

Those missions are originally addressing beginners. But in the 4th mission of this mission chain the objective is to kill 10 creatures, this might be a little drawback. The initial mission of this mission chain is available from Port Atlantis Mission Boker.

Cyclops Area Missions[edit]

Many of this missions and even whole mission chains can be completed without any equipment. They got their name by being set in the Cyclops Area. The initial missions of the mission chains are available from Fort Troy Mission Terminal.

Iron Challenge[edit]

The Iron Challenge is a set of 87 missions embedded in 16 mission chains. 7 of those mission chains feature scouting (exploring) missions doable without any equipment as their initial missions. But since they are placed all over Eudoria and one of them on Amethera a lot of running would be needed.

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