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Teleporter Name Fort Troy
Teleporter Location
Longitude 80505
Latitude 68300
Height 162Property "Height" has a restricted application area and cannot be used as annotation property by a user.
Destination Calypso
Area Cyclops Area
Teleporter "Properties"
Initially on the map X (No)
Associated Achievements
Estate Improvement X (No)
One-Way Teleporter X (No)
Version Update
"Facilities" available closeby
Revival Point (Yes)
Auction (Yes)
Technician ?
Storage Facility ?
Trade Terminal (Yes)
Repair Terminal (Yes)
Manufacturing Terminal (Yes)
Society terminal (Yes)
Ad Terminal ?
Event Guide ?
Missions ?
Local PVP Zone ?
Global Ad Screen ?
Broadcaster ?
Automated Gun Turret ?
Bank ?
Shops ?

General information[edit]

Fort Troy was built in the south east of the Cyclops volcano on the Eudoria continent. To the west there is Boreas. North has Osere. It's not very near the east coast but there some safe routes to run to the beaches. The fort is fortified with high and thick walls. There are gates in each direction and each gate has two automated gun turrets. In addition to the standard teleporter and the outpost, it also has and uplink tower, armory, crate shacks, and a 20-story building. Home to the colonial marines, they're fully trained and well adapted to the dense jungle warfare. When call to arm, they'll dispatch quickly to any outpost in the continent and beyond. There's a mysterious green mist surrounding the compound and it's clearly visible miles away at night. The regions has numerous active volcanoes. Smokes and lava can be seen several miles away.

Coordinate: (80505, 68300)
Planet: Calypso
Continent: Eudoria
Mission Broker: terminal, Anna Bjorkdottir
Settlement: fort
Walls: Yes
Turrets: 8
Terrain: jungle, island, beach, coast, volcano
Commodity: unknown
Creatures: Daikiba, Exarosaur, Foul, Hiryuu, Fugabarba, Allophyl, Atrox, Araneatrox, Snarg, Caudatergus, Combibo, Gokibusagi, Prancer, Formicacida, Drone

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