Mission:Scan the Robot's soil samples

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The official in-game name of this mission
Mission Name Scan the Robot's soil samples
The quest chain this mission is embedded in
Quest Chain Genesis Star Missions
The type of this mission
Mission Type searching
The release date and the VU that included this mission
Release Date (VU) 2010-02
Your personal mission status.
Personal Status {{{missionPersonalStatus}}}
The location where you begin this mission
StartingLocation East Scylla Mountains
The NPC or entity where you get this mission
Quest Giver Matthew Book
Teleporters you should have or get to complete this mission
Helpful Teleporters East Scylla Mountains
Locations you will have to visit to begin and complete this mission
Related Locations Cyclops Area
The requirements that have to be met to begin this mission
Requirements completion of the Tune Genesis Star sensors
The objectives of this mission
Mission Objectives
  • Find and scan 7 soil sample tubes.
  • Do not die.
  • Return with soil samples.
Equipment you will probably need to complete this mission
Necessary Equipment
Mobs you will have to fight to complete this mission
Unavoidable Enemies
Mobs you might encounter during this mission
Possible Enemies Armax Bull, Armax Cow, Faucervix, Atrax, Eviscerator
Approximate costs to complete this mission.
Approximate Costs 0 PED
Rewards you can get for the completion of the mission.
Rewards 125 Nova Fragments
The missions unlocked by completing this mission
Next Missions [[Into the Volcano]]
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This mission is the second mission of a mission chain from the Genesis Star set of missions released in the Planet Calypso Content Release 2010-02. It is set in the Cyclops Area.

Find 7 soil sample tubes. Scan them, and return to officer Book in East Scylla Mountains. The whereabouts of the tubes are unknown.

Notice: Do not die. If you die, then you have to find and scan the 7 samples all over again.

In-Game Description[edit]

Genesis Star hires able colonists for scientific work in robot territory. Robots in the Cyclops region are gathering soil samples. We need scans of those samples in order to better understand what the Robots are up to. This mission takes you deep into Robot territory.

Seven soil sample tubes was dropped by the robots. We know the number of tubes, but not their location. Apparently, the robots don't know either.

You have to find and scan the samples and return with the results. Expertise in combat and stealth are highly recommended.

Scan the contents of seven soil samples in the area.

Return with the scanned result to science officer Book at the East Scylla Mountains outpost.

Genesis Star will not accept partial or outdated scans.





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