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Release Date::2010/04/21
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New missions, fixed issues
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More than 80 new missions: Now that we have a powerful mission engine, we have to use it! We have built more than 80 new missions for your enjoyment. 20 of these explore the nature of the Cyclops volcano and its inhabitants, especially the robots. The choices you make here will greatly influence your experience, as no single avatar will be exposed to each and every available mission - so chose your path carefully.

Then there are more than 60 missions in the Iron Challenge, a series of hunting missions for sorting the warriors from the wimps.

Estate development: The mobile outposts that were ordered by some land owners have been delivered.

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Calypso Firearms Association organizes a series of hunting challenges, in order to raise awareness of firearms issues.

CFA Iron Challenge staff can be found on the following locations:

  • Camp Phoenix, just north of the teleporter.
  • Outpost near the swamp west of Port Athena.
  • The Junkyard Bar in Fort Fury.
  • Outpost north-east of Fort Ithaca.
  • Outpost north of Fort Troy.
  • Outpost south-east of Jason Center.
  • At the gate to Camp Echidna.
  • Outpost south of Fort Argus, near PvP border.
  • Outpost south of the Oil Rig.
  • Service container in Minopolis.
  • Outpost west of Fort Zeus.

Two independent expeditions have departed for Cyclops crater in order to make scientific studies of the robots in the area. One is a corporate study sponsored by Genesis Star, while the other is an academic study from the University of Valhalla on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. They can be reached through the mission terminal in Fort Troy.

Scientists studying the Proteron species have reported a setback due to the disappearance of all of their research materials and samples.


Terrain issues

  • Sound of the Cyclops-Fort Troy area have been customized.
  • Several terrain issues fixed
  • Fixed indoors vegetation in Genesis building.
  • Fixed some lake issues

Building issues

  • Bank NEVERDIE hall lighting and shop issues resolved
  • Fixed missing name on teleporter in CND control room 2
  • Fixed missing names on CND Dome teleporters
  • Fixed geometry issues in Treasure Island castle

Object issues

  • Resolved issue with missing textures on Jamora shelf and Eqalisa shelf
  • Fixed issues with metal tree making it possible for character and resources to spawn inside.

Quest issues

  • Fixed typos in tutorial quest
  • Swamp Camp mission broker is no longer hovering

Estate issues

  • Fixed estate terminal issues of Port Atlantis mall
  • Fixed issues with some shops in Port Atlantis mall
  • Global adscreens in Twin Peaks mall are no longer mirrored.
  • Fixed issue with OLA 28 teleporter
  • Fixed shop issues
  • Fixed issue with revival terminal on OLA16

Miscellaneous issues

  • Moved revive terminals at the Swamp Camp to the outside.
  • Loot boxes on the CPSS creatures Aurli and Kretlin have been expanded.
  • CPSS has a new land management terminal placed near teleporter.


  • mission terminal in Fort Troy lists some missions even after you have accepted those missions.
  • In the mission “For discreet applicants only”, you cannot talk to Mr Book as long as you have any Genesis Star missions active. Complete the Genesis Star missions, and you should be able to talk to Mr Book.
  • In the mission “Investigate the contents of a crate”, the crate dialogue loops and you cannot read the end of the dialogue. The mission will still progress if you close the dialogue, but you will miss the end of the crate dialogue. This issue will be fixed in a patch in a day or two.
  • There are some problems with environment sounds. This issue will be fixed in a patch in a day or two.


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