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Genesis Star is an in-game company well-known for its mining equipment. In addition to the corporate business, the company also sponsors studies. An independent expedition has departed for Cyclops crater in order to make scientific studies of the robots in the area.


Mobile Service Center[edit]

One of them is located near the teleporter in Shinook River. It has two decks. Upper deck is for personnels and pilots. Lower deck consists of a revival point, society terminal, trade terminal, repair terminal, storage facility, construction machine, and auctioneer.


3A-47: Any tampering on any Genesis Star equipment will be classified as a terrorism act. Report immediately to science officer Matthew Book of the Genesis Star Interstellar in East Scylla Mountains.


Genesis Star hires able colonists for scientific work, technical assignments. They can be reached through the mission terminal in Fort Troy.


Science Officer Matthew Book is stationed in East Scylla Mountains at (75053, 72651).

Top Secret Projects[edit]

1. Lacuna technology is being tested on inmates on a penal asteroid. It's unstable at the moment. They have had several casualties and the survivors are violent and uncontrolable.

2. Virtuana memory space. It's a robot technology and the company is trying to reengineer. They have initiated first contact.

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