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Release Date::2010/02/24
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Quest/mission & Beauty system
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Entropia Universe 10.8.0 Release Notes[edit]

New Features

  • Implemented Quest/mission system preview. See [www.planetcalypso.com] for details.
  • Reimplemented Sit-on-chair system.
  • Reimplemented Beauty system.
  • Reimplemented underground explosion effect at mining.

Enhancer Updates

  • Fixed issue with Weapon Economy Enhancer.
  • Fixed issue with skill modification heal enhancer.
  • Items with attached enhancers are not allowed as tier ingredient or secondary item.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Fixed issue with updating society info.
  • Fixed issue with teleporting on CND.
  • Fixed issue with coloring/texturing preview for furniture.
  • Fixed issue with auto use tool (Auto Mode).
  • Fixed issue with radar update at radar mode change.
  • Fixed issue with teleporter too far away.
  • Fixed issue with resetting market value graph.
  • Fixed sound for Cornundacauda walk.
  • Changed to only being able to decrease own health to 1 point minimum.
  • Improved chat filter.
  • Improved displayed ammo count number.
  • Improved some graphic issues and animation graphics.
  • Improved downhill running/walking.
  • Automatic away from keyboard posture after 5 minutes of idle.
  • Ukash supports additional currencies.
  • Improved art for Ammo clips ( BLP ,Rocket,Laser).
  • Improved look, interactivity and performance for various vegetation.

GUI Related Updates

  • Improved category location for enhancers in Auction and Inventory.
  • Improved displayed numbers in ammo count.
  • Fixed issue with armor platings statistics in Item Info.
  • Fixed issue with switching between Item Infos with different amount of information.
  • Improved long tool tips.
  • Added automatic response if sending private message to other avatar that is away from keyboard.

Additional Information

  • Terrain pak files split to smaller files to improve patch download and installation. This increases the 10.8.0 patch size. We apologize for any inconveniences. For planet specific updates, check Planet Calypso's web site: www.planetcalypso.com/news/pa...7564/index.xml

Known Issue

  • Gun turrets lack fire animation and muzzle flash

Further information[edit]

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